Sunday, December 06, 2009

First Snow

It snowed on Friday. Just the right amount. The roads were safe and the crisp air was good for dog walking.
Carly loves weather. Rain and storm and wind. I think she imagines herself on a ship off the coast of Labrador.

Paw prints submitted for forensic evidence. If I ever lose her, let me know if you find her. But she doesn't go far from my side.

We were up at the crack of dawn, which is nine in December.

And we walked through the Sto:lo Nation grounds behind us for quiet and space.
We had D's office Christmas dinner which was full of good people and authentic Indian cuisine which is all off my menu.
Saturday was crazy baking of oatmeal cookies for jam jams and taxiing Emily to trumpet Christmas carols at the Santa Lights parade. We then went to a housewarming (and very warm and friendly) dinner party.
Sunday is celebrating Advent at church with extra music. Then a massed choir in town. What a joy. I didn't sing but played flute and drummed (for my dear life). I'll have to contact my flute teacher and thank her eventhough I haven't had lessons for six months. It was pretty reckless and exciting. Our wonderful Lisa is the only choir director who works with jazz.
Tomorrow I'll do my buttertarts and be done.
The chunky scarf is almost done and Emily is knitting for Scott so I can cross that off my list. I had just the wool, too.
Now I will sit and knit for a bit.

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