Monday, May 31, 2010


My friend, Barb, uses "OMT" for One More Thing on memos to the camp staff. This is the sad and wet last day of quite a nice May. Our walk today was long and quiet. I am almost finished listening to "The Swan Thieves" by Elizabeth Kostova. It has helped me with my knitting and walking.
The rhododendrons, indigenous to this area are dropping their spent blooms in the rain. They, too are almost finished. I have finished the Cascadia socks, thanks to Hazel for sharing her extra wool. And I finished the baby blanket for my flower girl's second baby.

This is not a pattern, but an inspiration, made up as I went along. The knitted on seed stitch border took quite a while, but it is better than picking up all the way around for me. The down side is weaving in the ends with cotton yarn. That really hurts my poor hands. But it is done now and awaiting blocking. I hope to machine wash and gentle dry this because that's how I expect the mom to do it.

The second sock looks like the first. You may think that boring, but it is the goal of the experiment. These will also be blocked and then I'll get a better picture.
I must finishe the nephew sweater. One more thing to finish. I already have socks on the needles, and two shawl - the heritage woodland and a quick prayer shawl in Lala's pattern with leftover gorgeous greens. I am drawn to the quick shawl and need it set up for a night shift later in the week. That's what I tell myself anyway. And it's rarely just one more thing.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coming Close

I'm almost done the body of the inspired baby blanket. This is without a pattern. I decided to make the ivory stripes textured for some fun. The purl back on the colour change has the added bonus of making the back tidier- almost reversible. I think I'll make a seed stitch border in the green. If I slip the first stitch, it maybe won't curl. I want to knit on each row rather than pick up the whole thing.
The gansey is also coming along. Two huge and heavy projects. I think I'll get 3 centre diamond patterns. But this has turned out too big. I wanted a 44 inch chest and it's closer to 50. I'm not panicking because nephew #6 is larger. It is only a little disappointment.

This is a big disappointment. The Pacific Northwest Shawl that I knit so many years ago. I've worn it quite a bit. But it has some holes in it. Sivia Harding showed us a Russian join to repair it. But I think it's beyond help.

There are about 4 spots. Maybe I caught it in a zipper. Maybe I just didn't knit it right. Or maybe it's aging out, a bit like me.

Read it and weep. I am actively knitting and queuing more shawls. This was my first real big lace. But I wouldn't knit it today, I like other styles.
I will turn my thoughts to the next shawl because with the finishing of these big projects, I'm coming close.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Anniversary Fun

D and I went to Seattle for our 21st anniversary. We stayed at this hotel right downtown and had wonderful service from everyone.
The weather was pretty good and we enjoyed walking around. I took him to the Tom Bihn factory to buy him a super computer bag.

It was right next to the Global Headquarters of Starbucks. We had to stop.

It was a game day for the Mariners, so traffic was crazy. We loved the big sky that we don't usually get to see because of the mountains.

Pike's Market was just a short walk from our hotel and we enjoyed poking around.

We did find one wool shop, Tricoter, which was in full flurry for a yarn crawl. They had extra staff and everything on sale and it was well worth the extra drive. I bought two balls of Filatura Di Crossa Superior in slik and cashmere. Yum.
We failed to find any other wool shops and gave up after getting lost to revel in the cathedral that is Barnes and Noble. Wow! Great big store. Our big Chapters/Indigo bookstore is pushing us to on-line shopping which, although there are great deals to be had, is not so rewarding an experience as books on shelves.
Back home in time to enjoy the Victoria long weekend Monday. I pick up Emily from camp after lunch. We'll all be home for a nice BBQ tonight.
Hope your weekend was fun.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Camping Weekend

This weekend I took part in a retreat for those who volunteer or work for our camps. And it was held at my camp. We had about 25 directors and programmers from all over the province sharing ideas, concerns and blessings. I knit on the baby blanket because the weather was glorious and it was relatively clean. I forgot to do seed stitch on the colour change rows, but I like the way plain purling fashioned. It will do.
I had a lesson on safety and beginner kayak. It was awesome. The guitar player taught me how to spin!!!! I mean turn my boat in little circles. I was paddling circles around him.

My sweet cabin was vandalized earlier this spring. Some people have been cleaning up the fire extinguisher residue, but it still stuck to the floor. I was grumpy about it not being even ready for me. It took an hour of wiping a sweeping to make it inhabitable. Then I spent two hours this morning sweeping and mopping. I hope the residue doesn't stick around all year.

Having one quarter of the people on the property really left space for quiet and reflection. We also did a drum circle and had campfire every night. Great friends I hope to see again.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Knitting with Harmony

I can't finish my socks because I ran out of wool because my feet are so big. But thanks so much to Hazel for sending me the leftovers from hers. I hope it's enough. Just the last pattern and ribbing, which I can schooch down.

D asked for a sock for his Irish whistle. I looked at the stash and found something masculine and well marinated. I think I got this when Scott was in kindergarten. I'll just knit rib in the round and throw in a few cables until it's long enough.

I also started the baby blanket. Again with the not having enough yarn. But Dale at Fibres Plus returned my plea and is mailing me 2 balls of each of the four colours of Mission Falls 1824 Cotton. I grabbed it on my way out of the Fibres West show. My hands were full from Erin's booth, Twist of Fate and my bill was already beyond budget. I had already bought other yarn for this baby. But the cotton was soft and the colours subdued like the mama likes them. I just bought 2 skeins of each. Not enough. Thanks Dale for selling me enough to play with.
I also started the Slip Jig sock from the Rocking Sock Club in the When Irish Eyes Are Smiling colourway. So pretty. Just like Neuroknitter's at We Heart Yarn.
Notice the new Knitpicks Harmony Interchangeable needles? Those are a late Mothers' Day gift and I adore them. When I saw them at the knitting retreat, I knew the strong needles and pointy tips were for me.
This is why I love the virtual community of knitters. My yarn bag overflows.

Monday, May 10, 2010

For White Blossoms

We had an open house up at the camp. There were picnics and frisbees and kayaks and guitars. It was warm and welcoming. I enjoyed going up there and helping to host and play guitar.
My garden is getting some extra attention. Today I weeded and double dug the raised beds. One is for dahlias, but I'm not sure of the other one. I'm doing herbs on the deck in pots. It's hotter and sunnier and closer to the cooking pot. My lily of the valley graces the toes of the white lilac.

A favourite rose, I call it sisters white because mom propogated it at college and gave us each one. If it thrives, it is actually invasive. Mine is just starting to take. I made a 24 foot hedge at the farm, but it was ripped out by the new owners. I like that it is only one step away from an apple blossom.

The viburnum summer snowflake is stunning and will bloom all summer. I looked for a hydrangea and couldn't find a white one, but like this much better. Plus Mom gave it to me because it wouldn't grow in her yard. It's 12 feet tall!

My dogwood. The rain rusted the edges of its petals, but I still love it. This gardening is seriously eating into my knitting time, but I am well up the leg of the second Cascadia sock and finally have the pattern set for the front of the grey gansey. I hope to get one off the needles so I can cast something else on. I need to swatch for the baby blanket, the slip jig sock and the ishbel shawl. Can hardly wait!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day

I finally figured out the grey sweater. Of course I didn't have the right number of stitches after all. Don't tell Lara from Math4knitters. I haven't knit much this week because I have been gardening. We have done lots in the last few years to minimize the yard work and it's really working. I moved a bunch of plants a few weeks ago and they're so happy, they make me want to go out and do more.
We took my mom and paw for lunch yesterday at the Pointa Vista cafe. It's not what it sounds. Wedged between a mountain and a river, I see no view. But the food is hearty and unpretentious and our awesome baker, Diane is there. It was fun. She liked the fantasy cupcake apron.

Today I go up to the camp for open house. I'll bring my guitar and hopefully we will get visitors. I'll just hack around with camp songs and bring an extra guitar in case someone wants to teach me some new songs.
Hope you have a lovely sunny day.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Evening Light

I've had too much tinking. The grey sweater is stalled. I couldn't find my original inspiration and had to spend some time just staring at it this morning. I'm ready to invest in some decisions and get on with the rest of the body. I need to get this finished because I have so much else to begin. Shawls and lace and yum. A few years ago Wendyknits had a summer of lace. I may be there. Even my sock is lacy. I have the heel turned and just need to pick it up again and apologize for carrying it around and not opening the bag.
I also spent our Thursday morning sit and knit tinking J's bridal shawl. She just couldn't face it. I'm proud of how she made a scarf as a swatch. But I did no knitting.
I took the dog for a walk in the evening. Trying to be active as if I were on Team Lime & Violet. Also the big black dog needs to get out. I also am still on Weight Watcher. I worked Wednesday and packed the best healthy lunch! Plus got stuff done and made people feel better. It was a good shift.

The sky and flowers look different in the evening. I am drawn by the pinks. I bought a clematis today for a fence in our front yard. It's not pink. I didn't plant it, but I did some planting at the MIL's and in my containers.
If I had walked the other way, I would have taken lots of pictures of pink dogwoods trees. The dogwood is our provincial flower, but the pink dogwood is a hybrid.

This is a rose reaching through the school chain link fence to shine on the kids. It's almost feeling warm today. I need to get into the garden, but Emily has her driving test today and we're all on tenderhooks. Hope she gets her 'N' and we will all be calm in the evening light.
ETA She got it!!!!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Back On My Feet

I'm back on my feet again after a weekend of dreadful intestinal infortitude. The socks were neglected, but back on the top of the list because the shawl is finished. It's Sivia Harding all day, everyday. Cascadia is doable, but a bit fancy for wearable. Too bad I don't have lots of friends with big feet. I'm worried about not having enough yarn (really big feet) so I'm going to just knit and see what I get.
This is the latest Sivie Harding Shawl in its tender, unblocked form. Notice the nifty beads. So much fun. I only did 3 repeats because my knitting is so loose. I had just enough beads (plus one still in my bed and one on the floor of the classroom). I had 31 grams of Erin's Twist of Fate blue left. I could have knit more, I guess, but a whole repeat?

Here she is in the front room. I grabbed a bit of sunlight between hail showers and the power going out. Perhaps Thor thinks I should have done another repeat. I used Sivia's idea of blocking with fishing line. I wanted to straighten the top, but that defeats the purpose. I now have an elegant bow to the top that is very graceful. I will try not to fight the graceful. Right now I just want to cast on another in the bue/green mix I bought from Erin and the yummy beads I got in Victoria. But I must get these Cascadia(e) off the needles, trundle through the nephew sweater and continue to pretend to knit on the Bohus. Oh, and there are more babies coming!
Relax. What would Sivia do?