Friday, May 07, 2010

Evening Light

I've had too much tinking. The grey sweater is stalled. I couldn't find my original inspiration and had to spend some time just staring at it this morning. I'm ready to invest in some decisions and get on with the rest of the body. I need to get this finished because I have so much else to begin. Shawls and lace and yum. A few years ago Wendyknits had a summer of lace. I may be there. Even my sock is lacy. I have the heel turned and just need to pick it up again and apologize for carrying it around and not opening the bag.
I also spent our Thursday morning sit and knit tinking J's bridal shawl. She just couldn't face it. I'm proud of how she made a scarf as a swatch. But I did no knitting.
I took the dog for a walk in the evening. Trying to be active as if I were on Team Lime & Violet. Also the big black dog needs to get out. I also am still on Weight Watcher. I worked Wednesday and packed the best healthy lunch! Plus got stuff done and made people feel better. It was a good shift.

The sky and flowers look different in the evening. I am drawn by the pinks. I bought a clematis today for a fence in our front yard. It's not pink. I didn't plant it, but I did some planting at the MIL's and in my containers.
If I had walked the other way, I would have taken lots of pictures of pink dogwoods trees. The dogwood is our provincial flower, but the pink dogwood is a hybrid.

This is a rose reaching through the school chain link fence to shine on the kids. It's almost feeling warm today. I need to get into the garden, but Emily has her driving test today and we're all on tenderhooks. Hope she gets her 'N' and we will all be calm in the evening light.
ETA She got it!!!!

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