Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coming Close

I'm almost done the body of the inspired baby blanket. This is without a pattern. I decided to make the ivory stripes textured for some fun. The purl back on the colour change has the added bonus of making the back tidier- almost reversible. I think I'll make a seed stitch border in the green. If I slip the first stitch, it maybe won't curl. I want to knit on each row rather than pick up the whole thing.
The gansey is also coming along. Two huge and heavy projects. I think I'll get 3 centre diamond patterns. But this has turned out too big. I wanted a 44 inch chest and it's closer to 50. I'm not panicking because nephew #6 is larger. It is only a little disappointment.

This is a big disappointment. The Pacific Northwest Shawl that I knit so many years ago. I've worn it quite a bit. But it has some holes in it. Sivia Harding showed us a Russian join to repair it. But I think it's beyond help.

There are about 4 spots. Maybe I caught it in a zipper. Maybe I just didn't knit it right. Or maybe it's aging out, a bit like me.

Read it and weep. I am actively knitting and queuing more shawls. This was my first real big lace. But I wouldn't knit it today, I like other styles.
I will turn my thoughts to the next shawl because with the finishing of these big projects, I'm coming close.

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