Monday, May 24, 2010

Anniversary Fun

D and I went to Seattle for our 21st anniversary. We stayed at this hotel right downtown and had wonderful service from everyone.
The weather was pretty good and we enjoyed walking around. I took him to the Tom Bihn factory to buy him a super computer bag.

It was right next to the Global Headquarters of Starbucks. We had to stop.

It was a game day for the Mariners, so traffic was crazy. We loved the big sky that we don't usually get to see because of the mountains.

Pike's Market was just a short walk from our hotel and we enjoyed poking around.

We did find one wool shop, Tricoter, which was in full flurry for a yarn crawl. They had extra staff and everything on sale and it was well worth the extra drive. I bought two balls of Filatura Di Crossa Superior in slik and cashmere. Yum.
We failed to find any other wool shops and gave up after getting lost to revel in the cathedral that is Barnes and Noble. Wow! Great big store. Our big Chapters/Indigo bookstore is pushing us to on-line shopping which, although there are great deals to be had, is not so rewarding an experience as books on shelves.
Back home in time to enjoy the Victoria long weekend Monday. I pick up Emily from camp after lunch. We'll all be home for a nice BBQ tonight.
Hope your weekend was fun.

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Vicki said...

Happy Anniversary!! So glad Seattle had good weather for you. They have been better than we have here in California. Did you go to the Space Needle? Too bad you couldn't find the other yarn shops. Wish I had been up there for the yarn crawl. Seattle is one of my favorite cities.