Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Knitting Blessings

 Yesterday I was surprised at knitting to find a birthday party in the parking lot! So sweet! I had spent the day shopping with my best friend in Ft. Langley and we were late getting home because of an accident on the highway. We took the rural roads to the next exit and it was lovely but slow.
 In the nice weather we are knitting outside (usually in the garden) and enjoying the unusually warm and dry summer. It has been a record breaking month. But, other than having to water the flowers, it has been pretty pleasant. We have quite an evening breeze.
 A spread fit for the ladies with gluten and lactose free brownie pizza. These are knitting friends whom I have only known for a few years or less. They are as young as 20 and older even than me. Shop owners, pharmacists, students, government workers. We would never have found each other if it hadn't been for knitting. I feel blessed that, after nurturing what I thought would be a failing group, I have a large circle of friends who share their passion for their crafts, their families and their lives with me.
The feather boa did have blinking lights, but you could only see them as the twilight came on about 9 pm when we usually pack up. I feel blessed to have a community to share with.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Power Out

The electricity went out last night. We were just finishing an episode of Dexter with our smokies and tomato salad. My basil is loving this hot weather. I was not worried. I started blocking my Purple Africa shawl in Countess Ablaze, designed by my Emily.
 See the giraffe?
 More stitching, I don't think I showed you the picnic food cover I made my Mom for our Canada Day BBQ.
 I stitched a little bird for a coin purse. Totally forgotten I had bought this kit. Still liking stitching, but I'm trying to get some knitting finished.
 The men's boot socks are done. I sat down on Saturday and just turned the heel while I listened to The Knitting Pipeline, Cogknitive Podcast and Knitmore Girls. Great shows! These were meant to be teaching socks, but the students brought lighter yarn and I wasn't able to knit along. Next up: self striping socks!!! And I'm going back to toe up.
I wound the Hand Maiden Sea Wool that I got in a trade and plan to cast on last summer's Wendy's Mystery Shawl. I'm swatching linen for the Minimalist cardigan. I'm embracing the swatch and making an 8x8 washcloth to measure the seed stitch. I disagree that the gauge is marked in seed stitch, blocked. It makes me think they knit the sweater and then measured. But the linen did change as much as I expected, so I'm glad I properly washed and blocked it. Apparently I only have one set of circular needles that will finish the corn and work for the sweater. Silly, really. I'm working back and forth on those.
As you can see, when the power goes out, we are not suffering.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Breaking Rules

How many excuses can I offer up for breaking my own rules? I am a bit of a quirky driver and I was just talking about this with my BFF J. Don't go to a certain shop on Friday because it's too crazy and not safe. Never visit that shop unless you're going in to town and can turn left onto the roadway. And never cross the traffic at that spot, especially on a Friday and in the summer. There is a reason I make these rules for myself. There is no good reason to ignore them.
 My sweet new beast got a big bash. I am heartbroken, but they probably already have the parts and are fixing it up. D wasn't going to go out to help me and I'm still a bit chippy. I am handling it. It sucks. I can still drive the little Civic. This has been a bit of a private pain. My humiliation will be complete soon enough.
 I picked these daisies that are over the fence in the corn field where I walk with Carly. They are cheerful and don't have a real owner.
 We created a mini me for the very talented photographer and friend, Jenna Hauk, a marvellous new knitter.
 I'm spending morning time stitching instead of knitting. I love this sashiko I bought in Maui. It's a japanese embroider of running stitches. I think I'll make it the centre of the quilt I still plan to make this summer.
 I like to have both raspberries and blueberries in my yogurt. They have to be from within 5 miles. This rule is not broken.
And the antidote to all these rules. It's summer. Spend some time on the deck with a book. Knit outside with friends. Have another G&T. Celebrate that the corn is almost as high as my shoulders******

Friday, July 05, 2013

Shake Your Bootie

 We are knitting baby layettes for the Fair Share class at our fair. I love this cotton-acrylic yarn I got when our Zellers store was closing out. I have enough to make some knitted corn. But it's labelled sport and it's almost worsted. My first bootie turned out freakish. I actually said to D, "Is my bootie too big?" He just laughed when I held it up.
So I cut all the numbers by 20%. It's Christine's Baby Booties in Bernat Baby Cakes. The sweater was a bit big, too, more like 6-12 months. I thought I could have a quick knit with larger yarn, but it's the same number of stitches.
 Karen had a going away party for one of our knitters who is headed home after a year as a nanny in our neighbourhood. We had an excellent gluten and lactose free dessert buffet.
 I took the new Pathfinder to YVR to pick up Emily from her Wind Symphony trip to France. She had a wonderful time and baked to a beautiful Riviera brown.
Seriously, too big.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Happy 146

Happy Canada Day!
It is very warm (30 degrees at 10 am) and sunny and feeling summery.
Because it is the first of the month, I have to do some chores: backing up my computer, watering the houseplants, but it is a day of freedom. DH is on call, Emily is on a plane returning from her France Symphony trip, and Mom is having a BBQ for supper.
Family and food and fun.

I hope to go for a bike ride if it's not too hot.
Yesterday I watched some Craftsy classes, starting with the free Sewing Machine 911 and heading into the bought Scrap Quilting. How refreshing. Good principles of teaching. Nursing holds a very high standard. As much as I love Lucy Neatby's videos for her incredible information, the format does not go from simple to complex. These Craftsy classes are excellent.
Then I went into the cool, cool basement and reorganized my fabric stash. Most of it is scraps from sewing for the kids or making bags. I am inspired. Plus I may keep my sewing machine in the cool, cool basement. I hope to make one or two lap quilts this summer.

Plus I'm embroidering and having a ball. I sewed an applique bird onto felt for a coin purse that I hope to use as a knitting notions bag, and I decorated a wire dome that is for a picnic food cover.

Today I will take it slowly and enjoy our shady yard, move around the deck in the shade like a reverse cat, and prepare the chilli for the Canada Day celebrations. They will be typically low key and casual.
That's Canadians for you.