Monday, July 01, 2013

Happy 146

Happy Canada Day!
It is very warm (30 degrees at 10 am) and sunny and feeling summery.
Because it is the first of the month, I have to do some chores: backing up my computer, watering the houseplants, but it is a day of freedom. DH is on call, Emily is on a plane returning from her France Symphony trip, and Mom is having a BBQ for supper.
Family and food and fun.

I hope to go for a bike ride if it's not too hot.
Yesterday I watched some Craftsy classes, starting with the free Sewing Machine 911 and heading into the bought Scrap Quilting. How refreshing. Good principles of teaching. Nursing holds a very high standard. As much as I love Lucy Neatby's videos for her incredible information, the format does not go from simple to complex. These Craftsy classes are excellent.
Then I went into the cool, cool basement and reorganized my fabric stash. Most of it is scraps from sewing for the kids or making bags. I am inspired. Plus I may keep my sewing machine in the cool, cool basement. I hope to make one or two lap quilts this summer.

Plus I'm embroidering and having a ball. I sewed an applique bird onto felt for a coin purse that I hope to use as a knitting notions bag, and I decorated a wire dome that is for a picnic food cover.

Today I will take it slowly and enjoy our shady yard, move around the deck in the shade like a reverse cat, and prepare the chilli for the Canada Day celebrations. They will be typically low key and casual.
That's Canadians for you.

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annannan said...

It's 32 here at 10 o'clock and I'm dying for this hot air to go back to Africa which it in my opinion should never have left...

We chatted on ravelry last week, and after having made a few friends on ravelry I decided I would creat a blog in English in order to get an internet persona internationally. So may get in here and comment every now and then.

I'm enjoying your blog very much. I've got a soft spot for Canada after having lived in Ontario for 6 months during my PhD in the late 1990s. Your writing transmits a lot of what I like so much about Canada and Canadians, nature, cultivating communities and being generally very friendly and informal.