Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Making and Doing

 On Saturday I took my darling daughter to the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) to fly to Nice with her wind symphony. It's a 2- 21/2 hour drive, so we left early and did some shopping at Michaels Arts and Crafts and Pier One Imports on the way. It was hard to let her go when she was nervous about travel, but we had prepared her as much as we could. The music will be excellent and she is with her classmates. Just registered her to a whole new university: the one her brother has attended for 4 years in Victoria on Vancouver Island. No definitive word on housing yet.
Today I planted sunflowers and marigolds. The marigolds are to help keep away the voracious mosquitos that love this rainy weather and high water. The sunflowers are to cheer us.
 I also made a little succulent garden that I don't want to give away, but is a gift for the hostess of my bookclub tomorrow. It may be our last meeting. After 6 or 7 years, we are all on different busy schedules. We'll see if another compromise can be made.
 D's birthday present arrived. At first I went to Langley to shop for a chaise, but was treated so badly. When I got home, I ordered one on line. When they didn't have record of the transaction. I was relieved that it hadn't been charged, but am now 6 days late for the birthday. It's not a hammock, but it is comfortable. Mine is the wooden one and I got matching cushions.
 This is the after picture of Em's room. I tried to find a previous before picture, I'm sure there have been a few. It took me 6 hours to muck it out and take away the clothes that don't fit anymore or are worn out. I hope to gradually take this room for my craft room. But I will move gently.
 I'm making a cotton sweater for the Fair baby layette class, Fair Share, to be donated to the hospital. This simple knit was the antidote to a very stressful shift on Monday. I cast on Emily's Purple Africa shawl to test knit and it's going swimmingly.
 Inspired by Susan B. Anderson and her enthusiasm for Rebecca Ringquist's embroidery lessons, I picked up a kit from many years ago to make a coin purse. I have always embroidered. Since I was wee. It is relaxing, but I look forward to my new glasses to help with the dark brown on brown stitching.
This is our new Pathfinder. What a treat. We look forward to many great road trips!
There has been a lot of making and doing!

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Lifesastitch said...

I've successfully taken over two rooms in my house, one for knitting and one for watercolours. I'll share space if guests arrive ;-)