Thursday, June 13, 2013


 After World Wide Knit in Public Day, we celebrated International Yarn Bombing Day. Sarah started it. She brought the beginnings of a scarf, triple yarn, big needles and sent it along each week to someone new. I did the furry green part!
 The Common Merganzer at the Cultus Lake Provincial Park gate is now fondly referred to as Drake.
 And he has a scarf.
 I don't know if it's still there, but it sure was fun.
 Meanwhile, back in the valley, I am stuck on grey. The body of my nephew #9 sweater is 14 of 19.5 inches before I separate and decrease front and back. I've been humming along on this.
 Both sleeves were done in exactly 7 days, two at a time. I added a more intricate cable to the sleeve from a pattern that I think is in Finnish. It is also in another language I can't read, but I can understand the chart. If I finish it by the end of the month, my sister will take it to Brazil, where it will live with my godson, nephew#9 and the love of his life.
 The tunisian crochet shawl has been neglected since I started the grey sweater.
 And I missed knit night because I worked (and I don't go to things after a 12 hour shift) so I didn't work on the grey boot socks. Hmm. More cables. Is that the same or different?
 Even the sky is grey and threatening today. I made macaroni and cheese (low fat and high fibre for me)  for comfort food during the impending storm, and a meatloaf, too.
 If you look down, the garden is colourful and green. D finished painting the deck and I love it.
 He also asked me to mend his kilt. There are many straps and loops that need attention. That's colourful.
And this morning I dug up the yarn for the next three things and stashed it in the footstool. J has been keeping me company while I knit the long and getting boring sweater, but the hint of a new cast on is almost too much to resist. Thank goodness for the firm deadline and the Dr. Who videos from the library!

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