Thursday, June 06, 2013

Beauty in Reality

 The Bellingham Highland Games are held on the first Saturday in June. We haven't been for a while, but D was asked to help out the youth band and what a celebration. I love this venue, an old farm with long fields, bordered in cottonwood trees. The cottonwood fluff flies in the air like snow, or like tiny fire works as the Star Spangled Banner is sung along with the Flower of Scotland and our own O Canada. Our tradition, after competing, was for the whole band to go to one of the piper's for a great BBQ. This year, we enjoyed a quiet dinner with just our two couples. Not the same, but a sweet taste of the good past.
 In contrast, our youth groups had a scavenger hunt and some of the moms had their own team, wandering around the downtown of our small city, asking to take pictures of peoples dogs, or helping them with their groceries. Great fun. We grew up in this town, and, as many changes and growth happen, we still know all the short cuts and gave the kids a run for their money.
 The rainbow electrictree socks are finally done. I used Lala's Interrupting Cow toe up pattern with heel gusset, but switched to the Skyp sock for the leg. They are so soft! Caroline did a wonderful job of dying this! I really enjoyed having these socks in the car as emergency knitting. I still have the sport weight teaching socks, but as soon as their done, I'm doing another Lala sock project.
 Emily is designing. Her Purple Africa shawl, for her cousin has different motifs, sections of texture, a centre spine, but a nice rounded border.
 Here is one of the giraffes.
 She made a pink one as well. I will test knit it as soon as I'm done the last of the nephew sweaters. I initially wanted to knit a sweater for my godson, but he was so young, he would have outgrown it before I finished. So I started with the eldest and worked my way down. All cabled, especially on the sleeves, all quite large, it has been a big project. But this last young man has moved to Brazil, and I have a chance to have his mom deliver it. I started on June 1st and have most of the sleeves done, two at a time. It is a bit of a deadline, but I seem to respond best to these challenges.
 We went up to the ranch for a night to celebrate my eldest sister's work in her sorority, attend a banquet, and hear Emily play piano and sing her original composition. I made french toast for everyone in the morning. Julie only uses cast iron.
 The new grandson is amazing. He laughs and sleeps mainly. Not even 8 weeks old, we really enjoyed his company and his relaxed mom, too.
 The Chilliwack Common Threads is planning a yarn bombing. I did my 24 inches of ugly on this joint project.......
And I finally blocked the Queen Anne's Lace shawl. There have been too many shifts, weekends full up and no time to settle. This week I had off, so I looked at my to do list, and instead of moving everything, every day to the next one, I checked off some items. Garden beds weeded and planted, check. Patio furniture scrubbed, check. Planters repotted, check. The sun is more friendly than in past years because I started acclimatizing in Maui. It's hard to remember the sultry, hypnotic beauty of the beaches. But with camp and hiking, and working in my back garden, I am actively enjoying the beauty of my own reality.

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