Saturday, May 25, 2013

This Is My Home

 When I come home from a lovely trip, I am often surprisingly pleased how beautiful my own home and area are. Our 50 year old rhododendron is blooming with all her might at our front door.
 Emily took me for a hike up Teapot hill, which is above Cultus Lake. It took about 30 minutes more with me, but I'd go again. I need my hiking stick for the way down because of an old knee injury (and an old knee). Man I was hurting after my 12 hour day shift yesterday! My first time back at work in a month.
 Now there are teapots placed along the trail and hidden off the trail. This is new. I've been hiking Teapot since I was about 10.
 I love the Alice in Wonderland effect, and so does Emily.
 They cheerfully encouraged us along the trail. This is the season just past the fern coming out with their fiddleheads and there were lots of forest flowers. The trail has been beautifully maintained and a second route was established without the stairs.
 May long weekend (previously Victoria Day) is a time for our youth groups to gather at the Cultus Lake United Church Camp for May Retreat. Almost a year of planning goes into it and my daughter is one of the leaders and played a mean drum (her own long lost drum kit). I was so happy to be invited to nurse and see the difference between this camp and summer camp. Love it! The leaders are so together and the theme is integrated into worship. Love it!
It's also nice to be at the camp in spring and see the different season.
There has been knitting. The pi is off the needles, the tunisian crochet shawl has broken a needle (hook) and I'm taking a turn on some major yarn bombing.
Em and I are off to Kamloops now, she is singing her own composition for a dinner in honour of my eldest sister. Catch you on the flip side when I get to come home again.

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Lifesastitch said...

The hidden teapots reminds me of my geocaching hobby. And the trail reminds me of our North Shore Trails. Maybe you should come geocaching with me sometime ;-)