Saturday, May 11, 2013

Exploring Maui

 Having a second week on Maui has enabled us to walk the beaches and explore. We are just north of Kihei on Sugar Beach, well known to many Canadians and to many of our friends and family back home. Thanks to our great hosts, we have wifi and unlimited phoning to North America and can keep in touch with Emily, minding the house and the dog, and Scott, got his first job.
 Mandala on the beach.
 The lava reminds us how young this island is.
 And the sunsets remind us how young we are.
 Took a trip to the top of Haleakela for some amazing star gazing. It got darker.
 We like early morning snorkelling with the fishes and the turtles.
 The wind turbines on the west mountains amuse us.
 We are near a bird sanctuary, the Kealea ponds. Lots of water birds. There has been knitting in the evening, but not when we are driving the winding roads to Hana or up Haleakela.  I am on the third chart of the Queen Anne's Lace pi shawl. A good travelling companion.
 This is big beach. We were blown away by how big it is, how quiet it is in the morning, and how you can't find a bad beach on Maui.
 There were literally 4 other people on this beach. We snorkelled for a few hours, but the surf was pretty strong. We've had 4 good snorkelling mornings at different beaches.
 Lahaina in the sunset. I wanted to come to the Aloha Friday street fair and I wasn't disappointed. Good deals in the shops, free maitais, dinner at Cheesburger in Paradise, the sunset and a good taste of the luau.

Aloha. We go back on Monday and will miss our Maui.

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