Thursday, July 11, 2013

Breaking Rules

How many excuses can I offer up for breaking my own rules? I am a bit of a quirky driver and I was just talking about this with my BFF J. Don't go to a certain shop on Friday because it's too crazy and not safe. Never visit that shop unless you're going in to town and can turn left onto the roadway. And never cross the traffic at that spot, especially on a Friday and in the summer. There is a reason I make these rules for myself. There is no good reason to ignore them.
 My sweet new beast got a big bash. I am heartbroken, but they probably already have the parts and are fixing it up. D wasn't going to go out to help me and I'm still a bit chippy. I am handling it. It sucks. I can still drive the little Civic. This has been a bit of a private pain. My humiliation will be complete soon enough.
 I picked these daisies that are over the fence in the corn field where I walk with Carly. They are cheerful and don't have a real owner.
 We created a mini me for the very talented photographer and friend, Jenna Hauk, a marvellous new knitter.
 I'm spending morning time stitching instead of knitting. I love this sashiko I bought in Maui. It's a japanese embroider of running stitches. I think I'll make it the centre of the quilt I still plan to make this summer.
 I like to have both raspberries and blueberries in my yogurt. They have to be from within 5 miles. This rule is not broken.
And the antidote to all these rules. It's summer. Spend some time on the deck with a book. Knit outside with friends. Have another G&T. Celebrate that the corn is almost as high as my shoulders******

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Lifesastitch said...

Oh no. that's the mild version of what I was thinking. Hope it's all better soon.