Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Power Out

The electricity went out last night. We were just finishing an episode of Dexter with our smokies and tomato salad. My basil is loving this hot weather. I was not worried. I started blocking my Purple Africa shawl in Countess Ablaze, designed by my Emily.
 See the giraffe?
 More stitching, I don't think I showed you the picnic food cover I made my Mom for our Canada Day BBQ.
 I stitched a little bird for a coin purse. Totally forgotten I had bought this kit. Still liking stitching, but I'm trying to get some knitting finished.
 The men's boot socks are done. I sat down on Saturday and just turned the heel while I listened to The Knitting Pipeline, Cogknitive Podcast and Knitmore Girls. Great shows! These were meant to be teaching socks, but the students brought lighter yarn and I wasn't able to knit along. Next up: self striping socks!!! And I'm going back to toe up.
I wound the Hand Maiden Sea Wool that I got in a trade and plan to cast on last summer's Wendy's Mystery Shawl. I'm swatching linen for the Minimalist cardigan. I'm embracing the swatch and making an 8x8 washcloth to measure the seed stitch. I disagree that the gauge is marked in seed stitch, blocked. It makes me think they knit the sweater and then measured. But the linen did change as much as I expected, so I'm glad I properly washed and blocked it. Apparently I only have one set of circular needles that will finish the corn and work for the sweater. Silly, really. I'm working back and forth on those.
As you can see, when the power goes out, we are not suffering.

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