Sunday, May 16, 2010

Camping Weekend

This weekend I took part in a retreat for those who volunteer or work for our camps. And it was held at my camp. We had about 25 directors and programmers from all over the province sharing ideas, concerns and blessings. I knit on the baby blanket because the weather was glorious and it was relatively clean. I forgot to do seed stitch on the colour change rows, but I like the way plain purling fashioned. It will do.
I had a lesson on safety and beginner kayak. It was awesome. The guitar player taught me how to spin!!!! I mean turn my boat in little circles. I was paddling circles around him.

My sweet cabin was vandalized earlier this spring. Some people have been cleaning up the fire extinguisher residue, but it still stuck to the floor. I was grumpy about it not being even ready for me. It took an hour of wiping a sweeping to make it inhabitable. Then I spent two hours this morning sweeping and mopping. I hope the residue doesn't stick around all year.

Having one quarter of the people on the property really left space for quiet and reflection. We also did a drum circle and had campfire every night. Great friends I hope to see again.

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