Monday, May 03, 2010

Back On My Feet

I'm back on my feet again after a weekend of dreadful intestinal infortitude. The socks were neglected, but back on the top of the list because the shawl is finished. It's Sivia Harding all day, everyday. Cascadia is doable, but a bit fancy for wearable. Too bad I don't have lots of friends with big feet. I'm worried about not having enough yarn (really big feet) so I'm going to just knit and see what I get.
This is the latest Sivie Harding Shawl in its tender, unblocked form. Notice the nifty beads. So much fun. I only did 3 repeats because my knitting is so loose. I had just enough beads (plus one still in my bed and one on the floor of the classroom). I had 31 grams of Erin's Twist of Fate blue left. I could have knit more, I guess, but a whole repeat?

Here she is in the front room. I grabbed a bit of sunlight between hail showers and the power going out. Perhaps Thor thinks I should have done another repeat. I used Sivia's idea of blocking with fishing line. I wanted to straighten the top, but that defeats the purpose. I now have an elegant bow to the top that is very graceful. I will try not to fight the graceful. Right now I just want to cast on another in the bue/green mix I bought from Erin and the yummy beads I got in Victoria. But I must get these Cascadia(e) off the needles, trundle through the nephew sweater and continue to pretend to knit on the Bohus. Oh, and there are more babies coming!
Relax. What would Sivia do?

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