Monday, May 31, 2010


My friend, Barb, uses "OMT" for One More Thing on memos to the camp staff. This is the sad and wet last day of quite a nice May. Our walk today was long and quiet. I am almost finished listening to "The Swan Thieves" by Elizabeth Kostova. It has helped me with my knitting and walking.
The rhododendrons, indigenous to this area are dropping their spent blooms in the rain. They, too are almost finished. I have finished the Cascadia socks, thanks to Hazel for sharing her extra wool. And I finished the baby blanket for my flower girl's second baby.

This is not a pattern, but an inspiration, made up as I went along. The knitted on seed stitch border took quite a while, but it is better than picking up all the way around for me. The down side is weaving in the ends with cotton yarn. That really hurts my poor hands. But it is done now and awaiting blocking. I hope to machine wash and gentle dry this because that's how I expect the mom to do it.

The second sock looks like the first. You may think that boring, but it is the goal of the experiment. These will also be blocked and then I'll get a better picture.
I must finishe the nephew sweater. One more thing to finish. I already have socks on the needles, and two shawl - the heritage woodland and a quick prayer shawl in Lala's pattern with leftover gorgeous greens. I am drawn to the quick shawl and need it set up for a night shift later in the week. That's what I tell myself anyway. And it's rarely just one more thing.

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Emily said...

Love the blanket and socks! Great picures, too!