Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Crash and Burn

I am posting from D's laptop because my computer is in the tech hospital. So sad. Very disturbing and rather irritating. Everything was backed up and it crashed during a scan, so I have hope.
But I have no pictures to show you the finished "Mixed Greens" shawl I made for our camp director. I gave it to her lastnight after a gruelling board meeting and I hope it brings her some comfort. It makes me cautious to be happy about my home and marriage and job and good fortune. I pray her path will get a bit easier.
I am also in the process of steeking the giant grey gansey. I sewed (by hand) all the stitches down either side of the stitch I will cut. Then I decided to crochet as well. Just to be safe. I need to measure the sleeves against my resident over 6 foot tall young man to see if they're long enough. Then I'll cast them off, cut (yes cut) the steek and start the finishing.
The Ishbel cast on like a dream and I'm in heaven over the Sweet Georgia silk/merino. Yum. This makes up for the loss of cupcakes and cookies somewhat as I try to shed one size before the summer wedding.
Also happily skipping along is the Slip Jig sock from the Rockin Sock Club.
So I have no reason to dwell on the carcass of my computer. I will take a drive in the suddenly summer weather and then enjoy a lazy afternoon on the deck while our plumber upgrades our toilets to fancy shmancy low flush. Isn't I exciting?
Reporting from the desk of the wreckage.

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Life's a Stitch said...

Thank you for the reminder to back up ;-)