Friday, June 25, 2010

Are You There Blog? It's Me, Angie

I finally managed to get some photos on the blog. I'm praying that is holds. Telus is coming today and I have to vent my rage before I talk the the technician who has no fault in this scramble. Last Friday I slept till 2 (worked nights) then we travelled the almost 3 hours to Kamloops. There was teenager angst, but I think it was worth it to have our family together and spend time with my sister at her ranch.
Emily picked eggs right away, she loves the chickens. I bought extra to donate to my friend, Bev who is selling bread to support an orphanage in her old community in Jamaica. On Saturday Julie took us out for a ride. This is me brushing up Chex. Until last spring he was a very well behaved stallion. Julie has several nice foals from him. Now he is a well behaved gelding. Thanks D.

Everywhere you look there is a changing vista. The hollow emptiness of wide fields and changing sky. It's very cowboy. I wonder if I could paint any of this?

We stopped for a snack and just let the horses graze like they do in the movies. Her horses are so well trained, they just hung around and grabbed at the unusually green grass. They've had lots of rain, too. This was their first warm and sunny day, but the sky was closing in with thunder heads.

Thanks for a great ride. We stayed for supper and got home really late, but it was lots of fun. Hope your solstice party is a hit.

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