Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Change of Seasons

We have changing weather every day. There is a bit of hot summer in there, but really just changing. I worked nights this weekend- it's good to sleep on a rainy day. This is my turn around day. If I had flown across the continent, this is the day I would unpack, do laundry and answer emails. I am not too badly jetlagged, but my reliability is a bit shakey. Usually I have to be careful about picking up my knitting on my cranky pants day because I start ripping. But last night I was comforted by the Woodland Shawl and watching Bones all by myself. Thd dark Cascade Heritage sock yarn did not stymie me because of my new lamp. Yay.
This morning I figured out the Ten Stitch Blanket. I'm using blue fuzzy yarn my sister bought to make sweaters for her little boys. They are grown and getting married now and she destashed when she moved to the ranch. I think it will please her to have the yarn used for a special co-worker's third son.
My baby is going to camp to be a counsellor this summer. She is almost packed and we should have left 15 minutes ago. Sometimes I think if she had a better mother, she'd be ready. But I also try to give her the space for her big personality. They love her at camp and have known her since before she was born. I nursed up there pregnant (twice). I'm nursing the last week in July, my birthday, as I did so many years in a row. Must start packing.

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