Monday, June 21, 2010

Gansey Gone Awry

Warning: Those of you who are queesy may always think twice before accepting a dinner invitation at our home. I am a nurse and my husband is a dairy vet- and I can gross him out! But this is a tale of a sweater that tried to carry on forever and bit me in the end. See that three stitch steek? It is not enough. A small steek is 5 stitches. Watch and learn.
I sewed each stitch to the one above it by hand because I grew up embroidering and making stuffed toys out of my older sisters fabric scraps while watching Bugs Bunny. I lived in that kind of home where the four of us would shout "Mice!" and pick up scissors and thread.
After the hand stitching I crocheted the steek because I'm pretty comfortable with crochet although my hand is no longer- a horse back riding injury.

The trick is to crochet the furthest leg of the v. Why didn't I do that? Can I plead debilitating allergies, or allergy medication? Don't know. Don't do it. Wouldn't do it again.

You think these stitches are bad? I took the whole knitting vomit to my friend Jean's knitting circle and soon discovered whole swathes of unhinged stitches. Oh yah, then the crochet cord pulled out of a whole row. Screw it, I said with my tea getting cold and scones in my teeth. I'll blanket stitch the bastard. I should have done that in the first place, although it made it gapey and rippley.
Could the selvege be salvaged?

Gratuitous gore.

Yes. I sewed the seams- without tears or alcohol!! And nephew # 6 got the sweater this weekend and said, "Oh, sure, now that it's hot." But you have to know him and he did say thanks and put it back in the bag. He wasn't expecting a gift and I think he liked the colour because it's one of the only ones I've ever seen him in. I have to follow up with the wool specs (Patons Classic Wool) and the washing instructions: don't even think about it and don't let your mother. I'll do it myself.
So it has flown the coop, leaving me scarred and shaking and turning to merino silk lace. Whew! Next time I'll.. what am I saying?!!!

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