Monday, May 10, 2010

For White Blossoms

We had an open house up at the camp. There were picnics and frisbees and kayaks and guitars. It was warm and welcoming. I enjoyed going up there and helping to host and play guitar.
My garden is getting some extra attention. Today I weeded and double dug the raised beds. One is for dahlias, but I'm not sure of the other one. I'm doing herbs on the deck in pots. It's hotter and sunnier and closer to the cooking pot. My lily of the valley graces the toes of the white lilac.

A favourite rose, I call it sisters white because mom propogated it at college and gave us each one. If it thrives, it is actually invasive. Mine is just starting to take. I made a 24 foot hedge at the farm, but it was ripped out by the new owners. I like that it is only one step away from an apple blossom.

The viburnum summer snowflake is stunning and will bloom all summer. I looked for a hydrangea and couldn't find a white one, but like this much better. Plus Mom gave it to me because it wouldn't grow in her yard. It's 12 feet tall!

My dogwood. The rain rusted the edges of its petals, but I still love it. This gardening is seriously eating into my knitting time, but I am well up the leg of the second Cascadia sock and finally have the pattern set for the front of the grey gansey. I hope to get one off the needles so I can cast something else on. I need to swatch for the baby blanket, the slip jig sock and the ishbel shawl. Can hardly wait!

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Life's a Stitch said...

Beautiful white blossoms. There are three beautiful Korean Dogwoods around the corner that I noticed just today.