Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bring Him Home

On Monday I sat myself back behind the wheel to go to Victoria to pick up my son from his first year at university. I enjoyed listening to Homer's Odyssey in the car on the Coquihala from Kamloops to home, but the mountain road requires careful driving. Once I'm on the ferry, it's just sit and knit. Unlike a bus there is only one stop. I've been going over since I was 3 years old. I like the ferry. The sky was a bit grey and the light a bit dull, so I didn't join the tourists on deck taking photos. This one is from the car deck as we were docking.
Scotty's friend graciously helped us load a years worth of stuff. I had the most difficult time finding the trail that lead to the loading zone. I think they intentionally hide it to keep regulars out.

The van was packed to the gills with clothes and bedding, books and computer equipment. We even had a fridge and a guitar. Then we went downtown to the Noodle Box, (mmm udon teriyaki) poked around Silk Road Tea (seam mist!!) and Bead World (beads for knitting lace). I bought D a tie for his kilt ensemble at an Irish shop. It was a good day. We caught the 5 o'clock ferry and were home by almost nine.

I am really enjoying the Ophidian shawl. I haven't knit with beads before and it is fascinating. But my gauge is loose and I'm not sure how much I like this shawl. It will probably woo me in blocking.

I worked on the sock during the ferry ride. This is also a Sivia Harding design, Cascadia from the Rockin' Sock Club. I hope to turn the heel this weekend. Or I could finish the shawl. We'll see.

This is some of Erin's handspun I bought at the Twist of Fate retreat. I bought pretty beads to go with it, maybe. I wonder if she had her baby yesterday?

Laceweight charcoal alpaca with irridescent beads. That 's all I had to think of yesterday to calm me during a crazy shift on a temporary nursing unit. I called it camping-nursing. We had to play scavenger hunt every time we had to do something. And the doctors didn't phone back and I didn't get my breaks. I could go on. Think alpaca and breathe.

But wait, there's more. The ivory is cashmere and silk and the taupe is yak and silk. I know!! I can't eat ice cream anymore, but this is like icecream. Better yet, Vicki and I are planning a cashmere shawl along. Yay.

With the yarn left over from the instant vest, I made myself a coffee cozy. I liked the pattern so much I used it again.
The vest is warm and comfortable. However the lovely shawl pin I was using to close it refused to behave. I would set it down or put it in a bag and then totally lose my mind about where I put it. I decided that the 5th time I found it, I would have to pass it along. I can't afford lost kittens of jewellery. So I gave it to Vicki which pleased me greatly. Now it will be worn on some of the most beautiful shawls in the world.
Today I'll try to make some comments on the Ravelry boards. It's not my habit, but I have new friends from the retreat!

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Vicki said...

...and I was happy to help you out with that pin. It's lovely and looks very nice on the purple shawl. Thank you!!