Saturday, June 30, 2012

Marking the Days

 Emily made D 50 Black Forest cupcakes for his 50th birthday. We had about 45 friends and family here last Saturday, which is fine because we have a big deck and yard. But the wind came up and, above our house, a swirling thunderhead started threatening. It quickly began to rain and everyone came into the house to find the power out. How can I thank Emily and my nephew's wife who quickly helped me light every candle that I hadn't put out.
It was fun to catch up with cousins our age and show our Africa photos. Most people brought salads or appys and a photo of D from their past.
 I finished the Taize shawl and the Reversible Herringbone scarf. Good simple knitting. The baby layette from the fair is done with buttons and ribbons and I have handed in 4 more entries. This is going to be a fun class, our first Fair-Share, with the baby clothes going to the hospital.
 I have some deadline knitting. The Knit Girllls Afghan Square Swap is due this month. I chose some wool that I bought in Saltspring Island had to cake up from the cone.
Cables and bobbles are done. I need to block it to 12" square and mail it to Germany with maple candy and other Canadian treats.
Big news! I started hot yoga (Bikram). Wow. I took Em the first time and felt I had been hit by an elephant! I set myself up to return after a short shift at work and it was better. Yesterday was my third class and Em came as well. I feel it combines all the best stretching and balance of ballet (I did a few years) and the focus of karate (I'm a drop out for not being able to hit anyone) with some of the contemplative meditation we use at church. Yay. I could so use being stronger and more flexible. This may be the thing that helps my joints and asthma and IBS. Sweating is a goal in the heated room and I'm already a good sweater. It actually has kept me from enjoying some activities that are more refined.
I tend to get very excited about things when I begin. But this is a very encouraging space. I am sewing a yoga bag to take my mat and towels back and forth. I challenge myself to 3x week for next week and then decide my goals.
Today I will cast on a baby thing. There are babies at work and at D's office just popping out everywhere! I still have my mitten project (24 tiny mittens in a banner) and the black thing. Haven't pulled out the black lace shawl. Did I mention I was sewing.....

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Lifesastitch said...

I've been away form blogland for so long didn't even know you were knitting the scarf. Looks great! Now that my surgery has been cancelled I might have to start that taize.