Friday, January 09, 2015


 There were threats of a snow storm last week. But it started out gently. I was lucky to get Emily to the ferry before it struck. We don't get a lot of snow, and not very many storms.
 But the snow came and it stuck. Followed by freezing rain, we lost our big willow tree in the back yard and an old apple tree.
All of a sudden and am in the house and not going out. I made turkey soup!

 I finally finished the stitching on my William Morris Strawberry Thief needle point.
 I started a blanket from my very ample stash. This will be Fussy Cuts by Mason Dixon Knitting from the Craft Activism book.
 There was baking of Banana Tofu muffins.
D wore his Antler hat while he worked in the cold barns and I think it looks great.
 The start of a first hat in the 15 in 2015 Challenge from Stash and Burn Podcast. But I already did two warm up hats last year. This was yarn I bought for charity hats and I hated knitting with it. But the Wolly Wormhead pattern was brilliant.

 And the hat turned out amazingly well. The yarn was Lion Brand Amazing. It knit the whole hat in one skein. Unfortunately I have another skein. I can suck it up and have another hat in a few hours, or trade with a friend.
With the needle point done, I can move on to other stitching. I make a lot of parameters for my crafting. But I do explore a lot of different things, and generally finish and finish on time.
Being in the house makes me want to start all the things.
Then I have been feeling the weight of my wool scraps. Who knows where they are all stashed? What should I do with them? No one has ever had this problem before. A bit of time at knit night and I feel better and have some plans for unearthing and sorting. And just like that, I pick up a partial ball, start a present (Howlcat!) and dip into a jar for some more complementary yarn to make a nice cowl/hat. 
It's the feeling bad that takes all the energy out of the good. And the worrying about the next thing when, really, the thing I am working on now was what I was anticipating before.
 So now that the snow has mostly melted and friends are coming forward to help with the down trees, there is healthy baking in the house to replace all the eaten shortbread and butter tarts, I can nurture some hyacinths, watch the birds at the feeder from my window and enjoy the present.

 Tomorrow brings hope.
Slough off that sense of urgency. And, even in the snow, there is beauty and whimsy.

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