Friday, February 13, 2015

Looking for Love

 Sometimes February feels like the longest month. After walking the dog, I have to hang up my hat and coat to dry out. The rain, like mist, has snuck into my inside sweater. The dog loves it. I seem to have missed some pictures from my phone. They got onto Instagram and some to Facebook, but didn't download properly. User error. But I do love my iphone and the photo opportunities it gives me.
I sent a box of books to the Bookman and got a huge credit! My only memories of trying to share my used books were of huge rejection.
The bakery, Harvest, is near the book store, so I got D some doughnuts (early) for Valentines. He said they taste like the ones his mom used to make. Your mom used to make doughnuts?!!!
 We are blessed with snow drops. The first arbiter of spring. I have them next to my sink to encourage me while I'm doing chores.
 Finally, I have taken some time for writing. My goal is to expand journalling into free writing exercises and get back to my novel. It will help to start planning the next ones, too. I love writing, but always turn to knitting or other activities that don't require so much courage. Looking for that feeling I get at the end of a writing session!
 So lucky to sneak off to 88 Stitches. Such a lovely yarn shop. I have signed up for some blanket squares to mail in to show some love to podcasters, but didn't have worsted superwash. This is a recurrent theme. They had what I wanted, plus some truly exquisite new yarns. Not that I need any. My stash is bursting. Next I am going to separate all the partial balls and get on some of that scrappy craft. It will probably empty the stash cupboard by half.
 Yes I did find some lovelies. I'm modifying the Holding Hands and Feeding Ducks pattern for a blanket square, first 12 inches, and then 8 inches for my swap blanket. I have a box of blue squares from a Ravelry swap that I did over a few years. I can make a few more squares and have a blanket to give away and share some of that love.
 These Noro Fussy Cuts are the first squares in my new blanket. They are already 12 inches square before I add the ivory borders. I keep thinking this one will be for me, but I tend to let the knitted love move along.
 On my walks with the scuba dog, we are discovering the blessings of an early spring. We hope that there doesn't come a mean little frost to scare away the blossoms. In my heart, I think we can't turn back now, but in my memory, I know it has happened before.
 More snowdrops in the neighbourhood.
And I finally got a fun road trip with my BFF. We went to Duft & Co for lunch. Best croissants yet. Brought home some garlic and cheese buns that totally saved the left over lasagne.
Scored more wool at Michaels. I have been plotting an afghan for the front room that will co-ordinate with our new carpet (that will go down when we put in wood floors and not this week.)
I had priced out the Wool Ease Thick and Quick and was prepared to save up and use birthday money for the Tin Can Knits BonFire Blanket from their new Road Trip book.
But there it was at half the price and welcoming my 15% off coupon. Oh yes! I have been on a pretty strict yarn diet for over a year. But I love buying yarn!
This weekend my sister is down for our welcome home party to our nephew. There will be more fun.
Looks like love is in your own back yard.

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