Saturday, March 14, 2015

Turn Around

We have had am embarrassingly mild winter. Just a few flakes of snow in January. When we get rain, it's dark and stormy, but there are so many bright days. I don't want D to mow the lawn yet because of the violets.

This rhododendron is an old fashioned one. We find them more hardy. The lower part of the yard is shady because of the fir trees. D had a guy come and cut down the last of the fallen willow. It was a big job to haul the wood out. A friend cut a lot of the wood and only took a prized piece of apple for his workshop. The young fellow who first helped D with his piping, now a grown man, carted away a lot of the logs for his wood burning stove. Being back in the pipe band community links us with friends from our early married days and folks we raised our kids with.
A few swap squares in a box have become a happy blanket. I knit four more squares and crocheted them all together with a crochet edge- all with yarn that was included in the swaps. I had planned to donate this, but am quite fond of it now.
Booties! Great pattern, Blue Steps. We are planning to hang these with other wee hats and booties for a banner at our up coming knitting circle baby shower. Such a delight to make small items. I have been introduced to the Bakery Bears podcast. Such a sweet couple from Yorkshire, and their delightful little knitted bears. I'll certainly be making one or more of those.
Got the urge to knit a prayer shawl. It was for a fellow soprano, but the colours turned out too bright. This is yarn I bought at the Fibres West gathering about 3 or 4 years ago. I haven't been able to attend for a few years and will miss it this weekend. But I can't complain because I'm busy with friends and family.

The Multnomah shawl is the pattern I chose for this. I love the one I made myself. But my friend knit one of this yarn. So I gave one ball to a knitting friend, and she knit the Multnomah, too. Finally, I just had to destash and quit futzing. This will be the third, though the colour is brighter than my first skein. While knitting it, of course, I had other ideas for the yarn, especially from Martina Behm.
I have an idea for gifting it, if we get a good resolution to our long interviews for a new minister.

We had our annual Fiesta Lunch after church with D's famous chilli and a 5 times batch of corn bread. This is our one fundraiser for our Project Help Mexico mission next week. We will meet up with Carlton and the Southwood United Church to build 2 houses in 4 days!

Up stream from out house, the river is quiet. When I was little, there were swans swimming in front of the fancy houses. We were 4 little girls travelling on the city bus from Cultus Lake to downtown Chilliwack and it was a highlight of the trip. We also loved Casey, the bus driver.
They used my idea on the church sign!

There is a thread on Instagram right now on "What's on your bedside table?"
These are the books I have queued to read next. The last in the top 100 books by a BBC poll.

And my sweet companion had a turn this week. She was unable to lift her head. I sat next to her, knitting and watching podcasts. We took her to the vet the next day and she was exploding with excitement- she loves the vet office. Her joints are wearing out, but she is healthy otherwise.
Yesterday she demanded a walk and tried to make it longer. We hope to have her a bit longer, as her quality of life continues.
Across the street, a back hoe was unloaded. The next day, the little house was gone.
I like to get out and walk in my neighbourhood and see the leaves coming out, the blossoms emerging. It helps me to be rooted in the seasons and to be able to wave at your neighbours. Time is moving so quickly, I want to make note of the turn around.

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