Thursday, June 30, 2016

Marking Time

 It's that time of year again when you feel like eating watermelon in a bathing suit. (Were you ever warned that that could lead to pregnancy?)
It's that time of year again when the delicate blossoms shine like prom girls, even in the heat.

It's the time of year when I would rather read a book on the deck than watch TV in the basement.

 But when it's really hot, I hide down there and finally get to some sewing projects, like this purse insert for my camera.
And fixing the zipper fiasco on my Christmas project bag. This will be ready for next month when I start my Xmas knitting of whimsical hats and mitts for the great nephews and nieces.

Now that I have finished two blankets, I have the freedom of mind to work on the little squares of sock yarn in my ongoing cozy memories blanket.

 The dog likes to hide in the cool basement, too. But the stairs are a real problem for her old joints. We have lately found her relaxing near the fan in the kitchen/ dining area. So now we leave it on low for her.

Going outside can take planning. Make sure you get home before it gets too hot. This week I saw 11 bald eagles hunting on a newly mown hay field, just across the road from where I grew up.
It's the time if year when reaching the shade of the woods is a great relief. We actually have whole trails under the forest canopy. Perhaps I will be brave enough to try those this month.

 Yesterday I was at the hairdressers and it was prom day!!! All the beautiful girls with their long hair getting mermaid updos. Pretty tempting. But I didn't book enough time.
It's the time of year when Carly's hair comes out in clumps. I just bit the bullet and brushed her. Plus she's afraid of the vacuum.
Most importantly, it's the time of year that we measure by the height of the corn. It had a nice wet start, but then got a bit scorched as seedlings. Thank goodness for the heavy rain to get it to this stage when it can withstand anything and thrive.
The rule is, that it should be at my shoulder by my birthday at the end of July.
We are heading to Ireland for 2 weeks. It is weird to miss the parades and BBQs of Canada Day tomorrow. We love Canada Day.
Plus I'm missing my sister's 60th birthday. But we had lunch today and she is off on a trip before I get back. The time will have flown. As will have I.

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