Friday, August 12, 2016

Summer Shenanigans

We had the great pleasure of being invited to a South Asian wedding by our neighbours. It was entirely enchanting and the bride and groom are grown up children of D's clients. Lots of dairy farmers in a transformed corn field! So many beautiful saris and the bride and groom were very regal.

I finally wore my featherweight when we went to Vancouver Island, Courtenay for a family reunion. I started meeting D's cousins when I was just 15. So in some ways it really feels like my family too. Love to see our kids all getting together. 

Of course he piped for them and they couldn't get enough.

Emily gave me my birthday present, a Pumpkin Ale sweater she knit for me! No words.

Because of the drive and ferry rides, I was able to finish the Alpine Flowers stole. It ended up 80 x 18 inches which I think is big enough for our elegant friend. We are already looking forward to seeing them in September in NYC.

Had to restart the cables on the Stovetop hat. I am getting into a bit of a struggle with charts right now. But I recognized that Tin Can Knits patterns are beyond reproach, and maybe I should check my knitting when I start fudging numbers. Just a hat, I know, but it is the dream of all the hats I didn't buy in Ireland.

Received a delightful message from 88 Stitches yarn shop that my yarn had finally been dyed. Sweet Fiber is exquisite, but she has to finish all the colours before starting over with this subtle Winter. Hope to find out where I was in March when I realized I hadn't bought enough yarn.

Also cast on the dragon hat. Can you see the first spike. I had to sit quietly and figure out the construction. I think it can be improved, but is doable and rather clever. I hope to make 3 or 4 of these for the great nephews.

And the cashmere. So delicious. I saw a scarf on Kenneth Brannah as he played Wallander. Le sigh. I thought it would be a nice manly gift for our NYC host. I thought I would start with the seaman's scarf by Myrna Stahman and just add some cables. Well, maybe not. So I have reverted to the pattern, but marked everything with highlighters because, did I say I'm not reading charts so well.
Now I dream of casting on something mindless. But that would make too many things on the needles and all these need to be made anyway. If I work hard on just one item, and finish it perhaps I can settle down a little. But this summer is going to quickly. And there is more fun to come!

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