Thursday, September 08, 2016


Our bags are packed again. We're off to New York for a week to visit a friend.
But everyone is prickly.
I can't upload my pictures. I will google the solution or continue pulling my hair out.
I missed a pedicure appointment because I was cleaning the house like a white tornado.
But she very kindly fit me in yesterday before my mammogram. Better than a candy treat.
The kids came home for Labour Day weekend and we had so much fun. BBQs and shopping and sharing stories. They returned to the Island.
I have achieved a lot of simple Christmas knitting, but I am struggling with my list. There will be fewer knit gifts this year, but I like to make something for each of the kids, and sometimes it's a better budget choice to use yarn I already have. But finding superwash or easy care yarn is harder in my sweet stash. So I'm moving items to different names and uncertain about extras. Such a trouble.
I think getting away for a break with the hardworking D will be a good idea.
I am taking socks and a hat to knit. But it's a red eye so I don't want to trade knitting for sleep.
All I want to do is swatch my sweater. But it can wait till I get home. But it cannot wait until after Christmas.
I started reading a book, but set it in the suitcase for the trip.
Do you ever feel at loose ends like this?
Time saving devices sucking up all your mojo?
Seasons changing, focus changing.
Loving the yoga and strengthening. Loving the chilly mornings.
A bit excited about the Big Apple.

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