Friday, August 02, 2013

Finally Rain

 My Friday morning is humming along with fresh fruit, merino tencel knit a long (Makai by Single Handed Knits) and rain! I have been watching Dr. Who (from the library) with Emily and knitting in the chilly comfort of the basement. But I love the rain.
 Last weekend we got to meet Scotty's new kitten, Charlie. He is a delight!
 The corn was up to my shoulders. Which means it's my birthday! 50 years old. I think this will be my last party. I have had more than one party most years of my life (one in Victoria where my sister and I spent the summers) and another when we got home. My two older sisters didn't come. It was disappointing, but only because of my own expectations. D's family didn't mix with the others and there were some hard feelings. Obviously they never went to camp. For my 60th, I'm taking my kids to Disneyland!
 I picked flowers from my garden and set up tables and chairs on the deck.
 Some of my favourite people came and ate and had a good time.
Emily made 50 lemon-filled lemon cupcakes with strawberry icing .
They were topped with angels made from Starburst candies. There was lots of candy.
D gave me a flash for my camera and this exquisite wool from The Roving Lampman. Enough lace weight to make a sweater.
D's Aunt Shirley, the one who shared her beach house all those years and whom we visit in Tuscon is also a knitter. She gave me the loveliest cashmere and silk. What do you think, a cowl?
From Julie, the best gradient. I really wanted a gradient. I can hardly stand to cake it up, it's so pretty as it is. I have been wanting to knit a hitch hiker.
And from Mom, some Merrakesh in the best blue. I want to knit a Lakeshore Shawl by Glenna C.And Mom grew up on the shores of Lake Superior.
 I have been on a cold sheep yarn diet since May, waiting for my birthday. But I don't need to buy any yarn. This is all stuff I would choose!
Yesterday I rode my bike to the new library in Sardis. It is a huge treat for me. They have great knitting books and Dr. Who videos. I also signed up for ebooks and audio books on my ipad. Crazy! When am I going to get any work done? Too tempting to sit and knit and watch the rain.

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Lifesastitch said...

Enjoy the 50's! I'm dreading leaving them. Happy Special Birthday.