Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ravellenics 2014

 We are excited by the safe delivery of our Great Nephew, Rory. Such a lovely baby. His shower is tomorrow, so I need to clean up the dining room for laying out tiny foods.
 I have "finished" the Windows fair isle sweater, but it isn't done. The sleeves are attached, but can you see my mistake? I did the button bands before the collar. There aren't a lot of directions, but I should really have thought it out better. Now I have to remove all three and do the collar first and redistribute the button holes. But not right now. I am knitting for the Ravellenics.

 I did block my squares for the Mystery KAL. We are joining together, at my knitting group to make squares from a pattern that will end up as a blanket. We all disliked knitting square 3 (the green one), but I wanted to be able to support people so I did it. I should have another square done, but I need to finish my Olympic knitting first.
 Last week was reading break at UVic, so Emily came home. We painted pottery at a local shop. Hers is a zombie gnome. Just picked them up. She gave me the gift certificate for Christmas last year, but I may give mine to MIL for Mothers' Day
And just back from a year in Australia, another nephew! I made him a sock head hat that was a pleasure to knit of Sweet Fiber, even if it's just charcoal. He put it on his cold ears right away and is still wearing it.
 Ravellenic knitting, Team Sasquatch. I cast on the Antler sweater during the opening ceremonies. Watching it live on was quite a treat. I had the yarn, and had been whinging about not knitting any of my blue sweaters. It is a lovely bottom up pattern, I made two little ones last summer. But the weight of the Windows sweater has been wearing out my hands, and this is the same worsted weight. Plus I am working on making tighter, more even stitches. Originally I wanted to knit a Featherweight in lace weight, but my yarn was corrupted. It shall be replaced by the lovely dyer, so I am over that disappointment. But I think my hand is still disappointed.
 Day nine: I have the sleeves and body knit and joined together. There were a few very long set up rows and then the cables.
I've done 2 of the 4 sets of cables and then there is the brilliant decrease cable. I think I can do it. But my baby blanket and my Falcons scarf and my February scarf are starting to sneer at my from their project bags. I am forging on, but had hoped to have a better sense of community with other knitters. Heaven knows my family don't think it a heroic effort to knit instead of something else. And none of my friends have jumped in. I have done a challenge during the Olympics before, casting on at the opening ceremonies and casting off before the closing ones, but never officially. I think the Ravelry boards are quiet because everyone is watching the sports and knitting. We don't have cable. I get highlights when I listen to CBC radio. But I will have a warm sweater when I'm done and that shall be satisfaction enough. But I may retire from my Olympic career at the end of this Sochi Winter Games.


cjbj said...

For all your Valiant efforts, you deserve a Gold Medal. You are an inspiration,and your home town loves you.:-)

Lifesastitch said...

Funny how generational relationships work. We had the daughter of Chuck's nephew here this weekend and she's 23, the same age as my son! Seems impossible.