Thursday, February 27, 2014


We got a taste of winter this week with 53 cm of snow. It didn't stop snowing for 3 days! The wind was pretty cold, too.
 Staying indoors helped me finish my Ravellenic sweater, the Antler by Tin Can Knits in Briggs and Little Heritage worsted. It has a closer fit than most of the sweaters I've knit, but I like it. And I like that I was able to make tighter, more even stitches.

 After the Closing Ceremonies, I was on a roll. I ripped back the collar and button bands on my Fair Isle sweater to do them better. This heavy weight in my hands was really starting to hurt them.
 I was happy to pick up the airy cotton/microfibre baby blanket. And it was near being finished, so a few TV shows later, it was done.
 And my first pair of socks for Operation Sock Drawer were finished last night. I don't have real sock blockers, just cut down place mats, so the top looks too small, but they do stretch. These were heavier than regular fingering weight yarn, but not quite sport weight. I like the felted feel of the Trekking Fach 6 and the toe up pattern from Wendy Knits, vandyke.
These three projects allow me to enter into Miss Kalendar's Finishuary Contest from the Brass Needles Podcast. A great encouragement for me to get some things off the needles!
 Carly still wanted a walk every day. The little viburnum bush is not deterred by the weather.
 I did have an equipment failure during my competitive knitting. An Addi Turbo needle snapped. I had another one the same number, but it was a smaller size, really. It didn't matter that much in the cable yoke.
 This is the 100 ft driveway that I had to shovel, two days in a row. Now the snow has mostly melted and we got into double digit temperatures today (yay above freezing!)
 But I caught a cold (after I battled the stomach flu). I worked yesterday and was a phlegmy mess by the end of the 12 hour shift. Today has been a bit surreal. Just blowing my nose, really. Thank goodness I made soup ahead of time.
 And thanks for good mail! I couldn't resist the Must Stash Yarns update. I never get to things like that in time. But there it was and so cheerful. Thanks Stacie!
Rainbows & Clouds. That pretty well expresses my current mood of under the weather, but hope on the horizon.


Judy S. said...

Interesting about the snow. We didn't have one flake here; in fact we had a fair bit of sun, enough to get out and prune the roses finally.
Hope you're feeling better! I enjoyed seeing your projects!

Lifesastitch said...

Oh my goodness and you had time to make soup, too! That baby blanket is precious. I need to whip something up for a baby who is coming to my 60th (ugh) birthday party in two weeks. No way a blankie would get done. Thinking of the little girl's shrug. I knit her one when she was born, but it's still in gift drawer and I'm pretty sure she's outgrown it. Hope you're feeling better.