Tuesday, March 11, 2014


 We had crazy snow. I was coughing and nursing my cold, so it didn't affect me that much. Plus I had my knitting. On my Antler cardigan, I worked to make my stitches tighter and more uniform. It seems to have worked.
 This is my second sock of the year, February. It is much tighter than the first one which fit beautifully. Even after blocking and wearing, it pulled tight at my heel and ankle. I thought about it for a while and then, because I was feeling crappy and had all this time, I ripped it out. That's a knitting lesson from a knitting lesson.
 Frogging away.
 I had two balls left from the original knitting, so I didn't have to reuse the kinky, once-knit yarn. But I did skein it and soak and hang it. The reformed sock is much better.
 On to March sock. Hanmaiden Casbah Merino, cashmere, nylon in the Twilight colorway. Knit on 2.0mm needles (one size up because of tighter stitches) and my new Addi Sock Rockets. I used Paton's Kroy, a work horse sock wool for the toe and maybe the heel. Socks On a Plane pattern by Lala.
 The Hitch Hiker shawl, by Martina Behm is really what got me through this cold. It was difficult and easy enough to keep me interested. And the gradient yarn from my sister for my birthday was delightful.
 Then the sun came out. And I started to feel better.
 My front door smells delightful with this viburnum and the crocuses.
 And I was well enough to go to church with my Hitch Hiker.
 But what's this? Another craft?
I finished the Go Falcon's Scarf for the grad auction. It's a donation for one of my youth group girls. I decided to put tassels on it and didn't think much about it, but when I started goofing around, I realized I have always done crafts like this. As a small child, my older sisters were always making things and I don't even remember learning how to do stuff.
I decided how long I wanted the tassels (about the length of a stripe) and cast my hands for the first object I could use to wrap around. This address book was right there. 10 wraps, make a cut.
 Grab a big crochet hook from the vase on the window sill (this is my lab) and pull through two of the cast off strands.
 Pull the tail through the loop.
 Voila. Pull it tight. Make sure you have a generous fringe. I hate miserly fringe. But it is a big wool suck.

 Here's the one by one ribbed scarf. It's even longer when blocked. I put it in a soak bath, drained and spun in the washer and then dried it in the dryer with towels. It's superwash Cascade 220, and whoever bids on it will need to be able to clean it.
Next up: Emily's new design. I am test knitting my daughter's shawl pattern in the lovely Bloom shade of Sweet Fiber Yarn's Sweet Merino Lite. Yum!
It is so sweet to enjoy the success of getting projects off the needles. And just as sweet to successfully start the next dream.

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17th stitch said...

Beautiful flowers! and the scarf is terrific- what a good item for an auction.