Thursday, March 20, 2014

Celebrate a New Season

 I just finished Emily's new shawl design, Matryoshka for my Babushka out of Sweet Fiber Yarns Sweet Merino Lite.  I love it. Test knitting is a little more stressful than knitting for yourself, because you have to actually count every section and every row to verify the pattern. But it was well written and very enjoyable. See the nesting dolls?
 Tis the season of hot crossed buns. This makes me incredibly happy.
 The sun has barely shone this first day of spring, but the ducks are excited.
 Two days ago, the path on my walk was so inviting. Very chilly, though. Yesterday was the raining of the end of days. Today is kind of in between. I got a little wet and a little cold, but the big black dog was in heaven.
 Had a heavenly visit to Fort Langley with some knitting/ piping friends. So good to just take time to be with them. Lunch at Wendel's Book Store is especially nice when they snag a table.
 Liz brought me some goodies I had ordered. Autumn coloured stripy sock yarn. It looks like a lot, but some is to give away to the knitters who I am joining on an Autumn trip. More on that later.
 I bought some vintage sock blockers at one of the antique stores. They are from the 1940's and my (big) size. The books are from local designers and I'm stoked about the hip knitting, especially for my young friends.
 Celebrated Pi day with pie from the Chilliwack Airport Cafe where "We fly for pie". I had Bumble Berry and D had Bing Cherry. See the special price of $3.14? Cracks me up!
 Actually got some sewing done! This is a baby blanket that I quilted on the machine. Now I'm ready for friends to bring their babies to crawl on my floor. I love to celebrate babies!
 The creek has risen because of the deluge of rain, plus the snow melt. We have had some weather! Pretty soon we will see salmon coming through.
 But now the field is green and the trees are budding. I love the layers of green. We are going down to Mexico tomorrow for 5 days to build a house and work with our foster kids. I look forward to the warmer weather, getting out from under the schedule, spending time with D and our Calgary friends, and just playing with the kids. But I will miss our mountains and trees.
For St. Patrick's Day, the pipe bands had a pub night. This was the most successful one I've ever been to. Is it because I'm not practicing with and travelling with these people? Is it because there were 5 bands playing together which meant new people to meet and old friends to say hi to? This is not a competition band, and D is doing a great job of bringing people together to play music, improve their techniques, and just get along. Well done. Happy special days!

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Lifesastitch said...

Have you tried Cobb's chocolate chip hot cross buns? Warmed slightly so the chips start to melt - heavenly. Love that pink.