Monday, April 14, 2014

Packing and Preparation

 Things are busy at Chez Imminence. I have the cleaning bug and the windows and surfaces are being cleaned and polished. It's part of my Easter preparations. The kids are coming home for the weekend and I want to have baking and feasting and board games without the drudgery of housework. Plus Easter is fun and I want things to look nice. It's not as if, in the preparation for the coming of our Risen Lord I expect Him to wear a white glove and check my base boards. But a bit of my Grandma Donnelly comes out when least expected and she was not impressed with anyone else's housekeeping.
 The trees are blooming, but it's been a bit grey. The sun is in my eyes as it rises its head over Mt. Cheam and shines through my magnolia. We had a celebratory Palm Sunday with a mass choir of local churches and great fun at Youth Group, preparing for their Easter skit. D is off to Calgary today and back! He has meetings there. The flight is only about an hour, but the airport time and travelling there and back take most of the day.
 I'm so enjoying my book right now. It's non fiction, but compelling: The Hare With the Amber Eyes by Edmund de Wall. Last year my reading widget failed me and ate my list. But I hope to get it back in the margin of this blog because reading has always been important to me and there is a great conversation going around the knitting interwebs about sharing our passion for reading. It was learning to read at age 4 that opened the treasure chest to knowledge for me. I have always been an egg head. That was before the tags of nerd or geek. My D and I met on the high school debating team in 1978.
Next month, we will have been married 25 years. To celebrate, we are going to Paris and London. It will be a delightful adventure. We will wish our French was better, but I am learning the map of the city and reading up on its history (ever the geek). There are clothes laid out on the guest bed, new suitcases and decisions about shoes to agonize over. This is the fun preparation.
Still, we have a big week of Easter to celebrate and I do have a job, a few shifts left. We are enjoying the garden as it wakes up and calls us to prune and tidy and mow.
The nesting dolls table runner has been hand hemmed and now I'm stitching a red cross stitch edging. It is a long way around and I'm kind of tired of it. Plus I'm not sure my MIL will love it. But if she never uses it, it will be in good shape for my daughter to inherit.
My young friend's vest will not do in that fluffy yarn. I went to the LYS and forgot my pattern. She oversold me by almost twice the yardage! Shame on both of us. I will give her a little attitude. Good news is Three Bags Full in Vancouver brought in more Silky Wool for D's pullover and has excellent customer service. I also have an excellent friend who will pick it up for me and keep it until I can take her out for lunch.
March sock on schedule, just turning the heel. It will get to travel to Paris. Plus maybe a back up sock. I am excited to be test knitting a ZigZagular sock for Prairie Girl Susie.
The Cash Silk Nuvem is still humming along. Humming! She will be a good travel mate. I may have to use bamboo needles to get through Heathrow. Something to check out.
Hope you are enjoying spring plans!

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Judy S. said...

If you've not left yet, have a fabulous trip!