Monday, April 21, 2014

A Colourful Easter

 My Nuvem is my refuge when my brain is spinning with details or my hands are sore from gardening, working, scrubbing walls. It is soft and bright and will make an excellent travelling companion.
 But I am loving working on my test knit for Prairie Girl Susie, the Zigzagular socks. A simple cuff down sock, but the raised stitch pattern makes it fly by. I am planning to use Susan B. Anderson's recipe for the heel, but am being wooed by the double gusset heel. Blame SupaSteph again!
 The hot tub was rolled away. Like the stone covering the tomb. No. It took 4 men (and two women onlookers) Now I have a shady cement slab to make into a patio.
 My kids came home for easter. It was lots of fun to bake and cook and we even got to have a few drinks because Lent was over. Just us four. D played trumpet at the Sunrise Service at our rustic country cemetary. My youth group did a skit about the empty tomb, I played guitar and sang for the young dancers, and did a Children's Time that ended with shaky eggs for all. Emily played trumpet with our choir. The church was full and there were over 15 kids! Such a celebration. At the end we invited people to come up and join us in the Hallelujah Chorus.
 There were chenille chicks, but also chocolate eggs. Unlike the last two Easters, in Mexico, I didn't have to worry about the chocolate melting.
 And more than just chocolate eggs. These yummies don't last long in our house.
 Now D and I are getting down to the Paris planning. London will be a breeze as we are pretty comfortable there. But I've never been to Paris. I hope we can walk a lot, see some churches and museums and eat some excellent croissants. Always, one wishes one had worked harder on learning the language. The Spanish got in the way of my great start at reviewing French. But I think I would feel that way no matter how much I worked at it. I'll go back to listening to Coffee Break French podcast.
Not so thrilled with the Confederacy of Dunces. A little too Archie Bunker. But at least it is a very good recording.
 Restarted the vest for my young friend who is starting his PhD in Oxford this fall. The new yarn is much better at showing the cables. The second set of swatching means I have the main cable pattern memorized. Surprisingly I had to go down a few needle sizes. He's about the same size as Scotty, so I think it will fit under his blazer when he is dressing like an academic. He is also an excellent knitter, as is his mom, so I need to do well on this one.
 The Socks on a Plane were finished before the middle of the month. The Zigzagulars are bonus socks for April. I feel I could whip them up quickly, on the journey. We'll see. Don't count your socks before they're blocked.
 A warm welcome to my niece and nephew meant the kids had a fun board game night. I was so happy to walk the dog in the big field after church. I missed my kids and the feeling of a full house. Even having the car full was fun. We had dinner at my parents and lunch with D's parents, so everyone got a dose of the young adults.
The yard is growing. D is mowing now and setting up a mower while we're gone. Two weeks is a long time for a lawn. I work tomorrow and then it's just one sleep. I was using Easter to keep me focused, but I'm excited. It's an overnight flight. We have  a loose itinerary and leave for London on the Chunnel on May Day. Hope to be able to post from my ipad while we're away. There will be knitting. But right now I'm too restless to sit still. Maybe I'll go to the video station to find a movie about Paris.
Hope your Easter was full of blessings!


Lifesastitch said...

Those deviled eggs look so yummy. I love them but they are a labour of love.

Judy S. said...

You should see how our choir devours those deviled eggs! Hope you also had a nice Easter. Take lots of photos on your trip and safe travels!