Tuesday, September 09, 2014

And Carry a Big Stick

It's starting to feel like autumn. The BC Teachers are striking and the government is not coming to the bargaining table, so the kids are not in school yet. It's very strange.
This past weekend was my first parade (Hope Brigade Days) with the bass drum. I have drummed tenor in parades, before, but I only played bass drum in the competition circle. It was great fun and we had a BBQ at our home for the band after.
This weekend is the Agassiz Fall Fair, another short parade and performance. DH makes a good Pipe Major and we are gathering pipers and drummers to the band who just want to play good music with good people. No competitions.
Yesterday was a rest day after a hectic weekend and I felt restless and a bit pointless going through my paper work and emails.
But this morning I am refreshed and queueing patterns, preparing Christmas ideas and getting ready for 3 big meetings to do with the children in the church. If I get all this started, I can go to my sister's ranch next week! I haven't been there since January! The picking away of every day.
I did finish the tubular ribbing on the back of Scott's Christmas sweater, Slade. It's a good thing I'm knitting it now because the navy is second only to black in difficulty to see.
In 3 weeks I head out to New York to go on a cruise with my best friend, but she leaves tomorrow on a pre-trip trip.
Will I have my September knitting finished? What will I take to knit on the cruise? Will I meet my Christmas knitting goals? Stay tuned.

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