Friday, September 19, 2014

Falling for the Ranch

 I finally got the time to get away to my sister's ranch, 3 hours east on the Coquihalla highway. I miss the rolling hills and the blue sky, but I forget how much I miss just talking with her about anything. We are only a year apart, and though we have different interests, we are interested in each other. We went riding for a few hours to look for stray cattle. I was there between hard days of gathering them up.
She let me ride Vinnie, one of her older foals. He is a real gentleman. Several of her horses are named for John Travolta.
 Their summer has been cool and wet. Strange, as they are usually semi-arid. Ours was hot and dry, there was a mix up at the check out. This was only their third fire. I brought smores which tipped them over. That's her husband who can fix anything. Their whole ranch is free from broken equipment and buildings and fences. It's not normal.
 The tomatoes in the greenhouse look like they're posing for a magazine. The zucchinis are huge because they are destined for cake. This greenhouse is twice the size of the one she had on the farm down here. See the little yellow box? Her son is an electrician and he just hooked up a heater because they had frost a few nights before. It was mild while I was there.
 One of the things we have to do is go to her daughter-in-law's wedding shop, First Comes Love. My nephew has remodelled the shop to include stunning racks of dresses and fancy dressing rooms. He was working on a sparkly display for glittery shoes while we were there, and it cracked me up because he has no idea how splendid it is.
 Fall is coming. We had real rain. D made french toast for breakfast on Sunday. Which is good because, between choir and Sunday school, I need to keep up my strength.
 I replanted my white baskets with purple fountain grass. Really had to have it this year. Not sure why, but I like it. Hopefully it will last until Christmas.
 We had BBQ beef on a bun and salad from my Paw's garden. It has been a bountiful year.
There was some knitting at the ranch, which made up for the long drive, listening to Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I read the books when they first came out in the early 1990's and I met the author at the Seattle Highland Games. But with the hype over the TV show,  I jumped on the band wagon. We watched on of the episodes at the ranch.
Just finished the pieces to Scott's Xmas sweater, Slade. They are blocking and I'm finishing up the October sock. I hope to wear the Starry Starry Night sock to the MOMA next month when I'm visiting the picture.
Also cast on the Newborn Vetebrae for the KAL on the Fat Squirrel Speaks. Loving the back episodes!  I tried to watch last year and didn't get the humour, but now I'm all over it. I have fallen for her, too.

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