Thursday, May 21, 2015


 This  Sunday we celebrated Mom's 80th birthday. All the grandkids and great grandkids were there. We are 39 when all counted, just from Mom and her 4 daughters.
 There were new friends and old. Photos were strung to get the stories going.
 Mom loves flowers and butterflies. These were the most amazing cupcakes.
 Sugared johnny jump ups that matched the pansies on the tables.
 Mr. Hockin was one of our first friends when we arrived in BC in October 1966. We grew up with his kids, in and out of his house.
 Paw with his oldest grandchild. We had lots of time to visit and laugh.
 D piped for my godson who can still do the sword dance. He also learned Road to the Isles, Mom's favourite piping tune.
 Did I mention we laughed?  Everyone pitched in to set up the old Riding Club Hall, bring their families and join in the fun.
 The kids table was full of building and colouring. My youth group friends were hired to do a few hours of babysitting the four kids who were 5 and 6 and the 2 toddlers.
 He looks just like his dad.
 We pitched in for a sing along. Favourites songs from our own childhood and my niece Caroline, who owns electrictree yarns, joined me on guitar. My older sisters and daughter joined us for "Que Sera", a song Mom used to sing to us.
 Emily played lyric tunes on her trumpet and actually got her brother to accompany her on piano. He hasn't played for a few years and it warmed my heart.
 And a feast.
 Our niece brought her photo booth, so there was an outlet for silliness.
 There were crayons on the paper covered tables.

And my nephew brought his band, the Basements. Just the best dance band. We danced into the early hours of the evening and had the hall cleaned up by 10. Our kind of party all afternoon. I had dancing blisters on my feet! Mom was satisfied with the event and we can truly call it a celebration.
There was no knitting.


Dave & Terry Prehara said...

What a wonderful birthday celebration! Belated birthday wishes to your Mom. Terry

Lifesastitch said...

And a good time was had by all! Great documentation of a wonderful celebration. Makes me smile.