Friday, May 29, 2015

The Long List

We have been having some pretty busy weekends. Band practices and parades, extra youth group and choir activities. At the end of the weekend, we need a weekend. 
 I am managing to get to some long neglected sewing. This is a bucket bag for my friend's son, an awesome knitter. The tutorial is from So Very Shannon. I thought I had another one for a drawstring bag, but I can't find it and it's off her blog. I love project bags, but, now that I'm not working, I can't afford them. I do have a fabric stash- some bought for that purpose- so I hope to make a few up.
 Frantically, I though I had lost this fabric (Liberty lawn) that I had bought in New York. But it was just under a pile of other good intentions. The pillow is sewn, the needlepoint Strawberry Thief attached and the i-cord knitted to be piping.

 There has been quite a bit of practicing in the front room. I am trying to get back at my flute. Some day I'll bring up the poor bass guitar and try again to find my way.

 Even the cross stitch is seeing some love. If I don't finish this for Christmas, there will be another one, but if I don't get a good chunk done, I will be disappointed.
The quilt is almost ready for the binding now. You see it here in strips from the jelly roll. I made mistakes and one of my corners doesn't match up, but I am so happy to have followed through! I found the squares that I started for a quilt of my own out of scraps from the dresses I sewed Emily. I also found a great apron pattern and a few kits. Thanks to Tolstoy audio books, I am not alone in the basement when I am stirring up my mess.
DH and I had our 26th wedding anniversary. We went to band because he's pipe major and can't miss a practice. But we had a nice weekend with a Pete Seger Tribute concert and piping on the shores of Harrison Lake.
Hopefully this week we can just catch up on yard work and watch 3rd Rock from the Sun.

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