Friday, July 24, 2015

Change of Scenery

 We went to Crescent Beach in White Rock for D's aunt and uncle's 50th anniversary. The hall had windows all along the bay.
 It was so nice seeing all our kids get together and have fun. We were invited to one of the cousin's for a pool party after and they are excellent hosts. I was still not feeling 100% and enjoyed the opportunity to sit next to the pool and listen to all the interesting conversations of his younger cousins with all their kids.
 I cast on the Bonfire blanket in chunky. Part of my scheme to get all the dark knitting done in the summer light. It is crazy to switch from the fine lace crochet of my Frost Flowers scarf to this giant yarn and needles. The pattern shows great understanding of cables and I'm almost half done already. Which is good because there are more blankets to knit.
 Worked on D's Xmas stocking. It is better with an audio book or podcast but I am loving the Great British Sewing Bee and am re-watching the first season. If I get the ribbons done, it will be about 1/3. No guarantee for this year, but it is a nice change.
 The heat has continued and the tomato at our front door is outstanding. Goes well with fresh mozzarella and the basil, which believes it lives in the mediterranean.
 I love how my magnolia responds to the months of heat and drought by blooming. Thank you.
 J and I drove 3 hours to Seattle and took the ferry to Bainbridge Island. It reminds me a little of Mendocino. The shops and restaurants are terrific. But we went to see Churchmouse and were not disappointed.
 That is 100% American yarn, Loft, in "postcard" I think it will knit up beautifully in Susan B Anderson's new Perfect Retreat Shawl. It is woolen spun and lofty. I love how the colour is between grey and mauve with heathered flecks.
 We stayed at the Best Western and were lucky enough to be next door to Jake's Pick Up. We chose it for it's Farm to Table menu and were so pleased. Lovely service and great food, even if it is in the back of the Chevron gas station.
We sat and knit in our room and didn't even turn on the TV. I was working on D's silky wool sweater for Christmas that I started on our cruise and just picked up again. But the crochet scarf and the Stripe Study in alpaca-bamboo tagged along.
 The next day we went back to Churchmouse. J wanted her yarn wound. I love this colour display where each item is a felted tam. The in store patterns are classic and really show off the yarns. I just about grabbed a blanket's worth of cotton on sale. But I still have yarn at home.
 The ferry back to the mainland was on time and just a short hop. We ordered salads at Fork and Spoon to eat on the way back. Getting out of the city was easy (even for me) and we were in Bellingham by 4pm. Stopped at Trader Joe's for some special snacks and I was home in time to go to Pipe Band practice.
We are in the depths of summer now. Okanagan peaches are one of my favourites. Today it is raining, so everything is looking green and calm. I love the rain and really missed it. Fresh air to breathe and a nice change of scenery.

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