Friday, July 17, 2015

Not Impossible

I have been struggling with a touch of pneumonia. Lots of sitting on the deck and knitting, and ripping back and knitting again. That's OK. Not up to snuff when I can't move for coughing. I managed to get a few Christmas presents knit and am feeling better.

A navy Bankhead hat. This was the second. The first was black and that was after a black pair of fingerless mitts. I had time to back up my computer, but I lost some photos. At least they're on Instagram.

D is piping at his aunt and uncle's 50th anniversary this weekend and he wants to use Scott's pipes which he has rebuilt. This meant sewing on a non-skid fabric to the bag cover. Too much black!
I am done with black, but still have a navy Bonfire blanket in Wool Ease Thick & Quick. It is started and the dark stitches will read better in the summer light.
 When I felt better, I tried the one hour box bag sewing tutorial. Loved it. Even with my blunted intelligence and squeezing pieces out of remnants, it was really an hour. There will be more. This will be the prize basket for the Fair Share layette class at our fair in early August.
 D took me to Granville Island for a matinee of Godspell. It was awesome. We enjoyed the brewery, too.
 And I found where Maiwa Supply moved to! Great shop.
Picked up some undyed sock yarn for Emily to dye up. One for me and one for her.
 Stopped at Memphis Blues on the way home for supper. The Pebble Beach shawl, in the second size, made of Handmaiden Seawool, was the perfect accessory in the theatre and the restaurant.

The terribly hot weather peaked on Canada day. It has been more pleasant and I've enjoyed the stormy bits of rain.
Working with dark yarn and while rather blunted is not impossible.

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