Monday, August 24, 2015

Flat Tire

My beloved Mac book took a very short tumble, but the screen is cracked (not the glass).
I can't seem to get photos onto blogspot from my iPad. It is very encouraging and then it flings me into the void.

Soon I will be able to show the many mittens I am making for my great nephews and now two(!!) great nieces. I would love to complete that project by the end of August.
But there is a lot less sitting. I can only tolerate a bit because of a complication form my knee injury (1981).  The good news is I am doing other crafts that require more standing or moving about.  Sewing, cross stitch, painting posters, tshirt logos. We are getting gearing up for our 3 mornings of Vacation Bible School. Unfortunately I got some crafts downloaded to me, but fortunately D stepped in to help. Sounds like a game we played at camp.
The sky is filled with smoke again, but is am keeping indoors because, with the help of my Dr., I am saying goodbye to my cough.

Many hopes this week to fix or replace the laptop, visit more dear old friends who encourage me and keep me grounded. Big hopes to go back to some hillside walking in preparation for hiking.

And hopes to bring you colourful pictures! Enjoy these summer days.
I am so blessed that when I have a flat tire or set back, I can turn to caring and insightful friends and family.

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Judy S. said...

The smoke has caused haze here as well. Sorry to hear about your knee! Hope your computer gets up and running soon. Miss your photos! BTW, what knitting pattern are you using?