Friday, September 04, 2015


This has been a challenging week. The apple guys are not returning my call about the new computer I bought and the brain transplant from my old laptop. Today was the outside date. Not now.

I lead 10 kids and a team of 8 volunteers in a Vacation Bible School. The kids were great. The stories about building and the blocks and hammering around the theme Build It were very successful. I did have a little trouble with my team and I feel a bit stomped on right now.
I helped move in our terrific new minister, and honored our outgoing minister. This is a tricky time to run a program or plan anything.
But today I took the time to walk on the Vedder River Trail and that was a bit of a balm. I have also been able to do the stairs on Promontory Hill again. With the rain, the air quality has improved and the dream of warm knits returns.
I am blessed to have great friends and a very understanding husband who can also help lead when he's not on call or in surgery (which was a lot this week).
I knit a tea cozy 3 times and finally got it right. It's a wedding present for this weekend. We will be surrounded by wonderful people on a beach and in a garden, having a great time.
Still can't figure out how to give you photos so I gave up and linked to facebook.

TransCanada Trail

Tea Mitten

I hope that each of you celebrates this transition back to autumn schedules and knitting. I look forward to cuddling babies and planning our trip to New Orleans in the last two weeks. Most of you have had your holidays and may be getting back to regular, but I am out of step.
Wish me luck in repatriating my laptop, packing for Louisiana and organizing my knitting so I can squeeze in a few things for me.


Judy S. said...

Hope you've got your computer back working again, and that you had a nice time in LA!

Lifesastitch said...

Catching up, guess you are on your trip. Hope it's wonderful and that your computer problems were fixed. That should not happen with a new Apple!