Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sun and Sand

What a time we had in New Orleans. Seeing the Mississippi was very exciting, though it is a bit like the Fraser River. We stayed in the convention centre right on the river. D attended AABP (American Association of Bovine Practitioners) lectures every day.
 I walked around. Explored the French Quarter. Found the wool shop. The ladies were lovely and the canvases all original. But I didn't need one, and I didn't need to buy Malabrigo.

 All original needle point canvases and sold as kits.
 Totally geeked out on the Le Meridian New Orleans sign.
 Even the fire hydrants are having a good time.
 Found a tiny library.
 Some great shops on Magazine Avenue, though I walked way too far.
 Always the gracious wrought iron balconies. There was lots of rebuilding going on.
 D joined me for lunch one day. He had  BLT with oysters and I had the caprese tower. We also ate at the Chop House with a big party of veterinarians and feasted on great food. I don't eat shell fish, but D had most of several lobsters.

 We had hot humid days every day. The slow pace was lovely. "You've got no where to go and all day to get there."

 Took the street car to the #1 Cemetery. It was a bit overcast and a tour was just leaving. Just me and another guy with a film camera, walking up and down the rows of crypts.

 Then I walked back and popped into a few shops when there were some. Had a great lunch at the Corner Muse, next to an international elementary school. The owner was a sweetie and even picked fresh basil for my turkey sandwich.

 Found the Faulkner House. I'm not a big fan of his, but the tiny shop was magic in a city of cocktails to go.
 On our last day we took a 3 hour cycling tour through some of the neighbourhoods. Our guide, Cassady was a hoot.
 We saw all types of architecture and restoration after Katrina.

 Then we drove what turned out to be 5 hours (!) to San Destin Florida. Our Intrawest Club has a resort there, and it was magically relaxing.

 There's a little village next to our hotel that has arcades and zip lines and restaurants just for the vacationers.

 We took bicycles from the bay side, under highway 95 to the beachside. Such white sand and colourful water!
 We also drove to Panama City for a pipe band practice by invitation of one of our own pipers and met some great people.
I loved going to Seaside, just about 30 minutes away.

 Because we were visiting during the "shoulder season", the beaches and shops and pathways weren't too busy. But is was warm and pleasant.

Getting home was a bit of an adventure with a tornado warning and power outages at the NOLA airport, but we made it and are happy to be home with the pleasant early autumn sun, and ready to get back into our real lives.

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