Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Get Back Up Again

 There has been knitting and computer wrangling. With updates and allowing the cloud to be involved with all the things, I am back to accessing my photos. I wasn't able to do my regular upload with my ipad on our trip, but I only allowed myself one snit fit before I just said I'd wait until we got home. This post is all before we left.
Christmas knitting continues. I am so pleased how this Vintage worsted knit up in the Forest Park Cowl for my grown up niece who has not outgrown her love for purple.
 We had 10 kids come to our Vacation Bible School the week before Labour Day and the return of school. Our theme, Build It, was so much fun and really was more about knocking things down. I was incredibly stressed by one of the team not able to do her crafts and having to pick up extra work. But the team was super, we had help from D and other folks who don't usually play with us, and the kids were super.
We also welcomed our new minister! It was a year in the search, but she is a force and I look forward to having more direction with the Sunday School and Youth Group.
 There has been some sewing. The weather was still hot and I was hiding in the basement. My machine was serviced while we were away and I'm picking it up today! I want to make more project bags.
 For my 6 great nephews, I knit crocodile mittens. It took most of August, but was lots of fun and I hope they enjoy them at Christmas.
The 2 great nieces get kitty mittens. I just made two thumbs and attached ears.

 Some stitching for my MIL. I bought this apron when we were in Vancouver and had ideas, but just had to jump in.
I cut out the dollies and traced them, but just drew the pictures from pinterest. I added french knots because people really like them. Her birthday party is this weekend and the fabric marker had totally faded. Good thing. The marks from the hoop are gone, too.
This is the Carbondale by Dandelion Designs. I was unsure of this  Rain City Knits highlighter yellow after I bought it. We were in the city on a gloomy rainy day and it seemed just the thing for my daughter's boyfriend. By having the inside hem and just the fair isle in the bright, I think it is not too silly for a hip guitar composer. She gets to veto it when she is home for Thanksgiving, which we celebrate on Monday, October 12.

 Sweet Georgia had her 10th Anniversary and we were invited. I had so much fun with Sarah on her birthday and we included her mom. The Tough Love Sock is perfect for some planned knitting.

 And for a super treat, I bought a Party of Five. This will be some kind of scarf/cowl.
 D piped at his cousin's wedding on the beach in Tsawassen. It was a great celebration of a great couple and so nice to spend time with that part of the family.
 Gotta have a dance barn!
All you need is love and cake. And great organic food and local wines.
Emily dyed me some "Mermaid Hair" BFL for my birthday. What a treat. This was a big part of my travel knitting.
Our sweet old lab is still happy though she can only walk as far as the end of the driveway. She was well looked after while we were gone and happy to see us back.
My roses were battered in a wind storm, but still had enough blooms to share at my sink. 
Now that I have access to my photos and can blog, I'll do a post on our trip.


Judy S. said...

Love that purple cowl! Beautiful cables.

cjbj said...

Wow; some lovely projects! You sure do spoil them all! I wanted to do a bit of embroidery but I couldn't remember some of the stitches. ..and I would like to do some aprons and project bags or make up bags. I got an old machine in a cabinet which I am enjoying. When I need a zig zag I will drag out my newer machine and just make use of the cabinet . I do enjoy your blog page, it's kind of like having a pen pal. ☺