Saturday, January 23, 2016

Progress at Home

 I needed a little cheerfulness in the house. The weather has been mostly grey and chilling. 

 Had fun playing with yarn this week. Added a crochet border to a hat and had to admire the sweet collection of hooks and tools.
 Mom wants a hat like the ones in this Tim Horton's commercial.
So I mashed up some patterns and put one together. With a red pompom.
The jet lag was pretty amazing. I also had to get over an infection, so the week was just this productive. I have turned the second heel on my Grafitti & Asphalt socks. I worked on them quite a bit on the coach during our trip. Now I just have the concurrent feet and toes to finish. There are lots of sock knit alongs this month, so it would be nice to have them finished. February has other projects to knit.
Felt better today, so I went walking to my trail. I saw a pompom in the tree. But it was a squirrel and he wasn't about to pay me any notice. The heron landed on our bridge and the ducks are starting to dance. It's nice to be home. It's fun to catch up with friends and family. Even though it's dreich, the spring is still a promise.

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