Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Winter Comforts

There are a lot of rainy and chilly days right now. Think UK. But when the rain stops, or the sun comes out, I go outside and mark the progress of the snow drops and the buds on the trees.

 I finished the 3 Colour Cowl. This is in Shibui Stoccata and is so soft and luscious. What a great travel knitting project! I think I'll cast on another in my Party of 5 from Sweet Georgia and just play around with the textures.

 There was more hat knitting. I thought I'd use the leftovers from Mom's hat, but had to dig in the stash for some lighter yarn. So happy to be using this well-marinated yarn. The pattern is Bumble by Tin Can Knits and it was as much fun as my friends have said. So squishy.

 A birthday gift for a great nephew.
 When it is cold outside, my thoughts turn to baking.
 A new (very old) recipe from a knitting friend, this sheet apple pie was the bomb. I think it's an old Mennonite recipe.

 I brought it to our church auction and dessert party. D and I were a little worried that it wouldn't get off the ground because it's his committee and we were away. But people brought great items and our professional cowboy auctioneer helped get the bids up.
One of the purposes of such an evening is to have fun in the dark, damp cold. The weather was there for us and the people came and we laughed and got high on sugar and had a great time. I also made that giant carrot cake. There were left overs for Sunday coffee time. I donated my quilt and a silk and bamboo shawl. Both went for good prices. Yay.
 The Graffiti and Asphalt socks are done. The fabric is perhaps a bit loose, but the fit is pretty good. I will be playing with different heel patterns this year. 
 Knit up a hat in some White Buffalo unspun yarn and it turned out really big, so it goes the biggest head I know, DH.

 Revamped the pattern and now I have a nice hat for Great Nephew.

 Both my kids have their birthdays in January. The birthday boxes were packed before Christmas and delivered when they returned to Vancouver Island after the holidays. It was fun chatting with them about the varied items and why I included them. There were some hand made items and plenty of coffee.

 I splurged on some yarn I needed but did not need. Feeling the pull of pink from watching podcasts with delightfully sweet hosts. This is going to be a great shawl. But first I have to finish my February Rainbow KAL and the Galactic Hat KAL. It is encouraging to have internet friends.

 The jasmine is flowering. I really need a sprig of this. It reminds me of sister's back door at the farm, which was always colourful and welcoming in the winter.
Tomorrow we celebrate Mom's birthday. It will be fun to get together and share some lunch.
I am fitting in some swimming and even hiked the stairs on the hill. Since my birthday I have lost 18 pounds and I feel hope in my year of Wellness.
Some comforts I am trying to get back to: reading, vegetarian cooking and spending more time with friends. 

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