Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Chasing Rainbows

 We are in the late days of winter when the rain comes and goes and then seems to stay forever. Getting outside to the local hills is a great antidote to the grey.
 As is the Suburban Stitcher Rainbowalong KAL. I love this Raincity Knits kit of rainbow minis in superwash worsted merino. The Monster Cowl was introduced to me by Must Stash Yarns and I'm so glad I got to knit it. 
 I'm also swimming at our local pool, once a week. It delights me to see people in all their all weather gear, dodging the raindrops, when I am truly wet.
 Outside the pool is this fragrant shrub. My sister says its Oregon Grape, but it is much more delicate than the stuff I have grown.
 D and I travelled to UVic to see Emily's concert and visit with our kids. It was a spectacular program with the Naval band. We loved having dinner and breakfast in Oak Bay. We even got to see Scott's apartment and his roommate's cool cat.
 Camelias are blooming in Oak Bay.
 Brass Needles is hosting a February Finishuary. It gives me hope that I can work on this Featherweight cardigan in Sweet Georgia Merino Silk Lace and make it fit. Mom took my measurements. I wasn't off that much. Now I have separated the sleeves, I can just knit straight on the body till I feel it is long enough. It was a good travelling companion. My hands like the small movements of light yarn.
 Coming home on the ferry we noticed the late brightness (this is about 5:30 pm). Hope for spring.
 And my snow drops welcomed me home.
 I played around with strip sequences on the cowl. It is rather bright! But it looks different when you wear it. I also want to show my support for the Pride events that will be happening soon.
 I walked the big block and enjoyed the familiar scenes. 
 I must remember to try this in my front yard. The naturalized crocuses are so cheerful.
And in the end, there were ends to weave in. Actually I did quite a few as I went along. It did block longer (from 46 to 60 inches) and I will wear my rainbow KAL cowl with pride.

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Lifesastitch said...

Look at all those stairs! The bright colours are perfect for this very grey time.